Fresh Yellow and Red Plums (Prunes from France)

Sweet plump treats

There is an unspoken French obsession towards plums, which is called “prunes” in the French language. Not to be mistaken as the dried prunes we know, the French prunes or plums are plump and juicy. When ripe, plums are wonderfully sweet with a rich, complex flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways. Choose from yellow or red varieties, offered here at The Bow Tie Duck.

What to know
Storage Instructions

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Yellow plums, also known as lemon plums, are relatively rounder and smaller in size. They have both yellow skin and flesh. Its texture is crisp and is known to be juicy.

Red plums have a sweet-tart flavor. Its skin color varies from light red to dark purple. Its flesh has a light red-yellow hue. It is said that the yellow flesh is more packed with nutrients.


Yellow and red plums are used for making dessert pies, jams, fruit preserves, juices, and plum brandy. Research shows that 90% of plums that are cultivated are either made into jams or fruit brandy.

If you don’t want the fuss, these plums are perfect to be enjoyed on their own.

A Delicious French Healthy Secret

The French consume about 40 million pounds of plums a year, knowing that this small, humble fruit holds many pleasures. Plums are native to the summer season and its abundance can be made use of even past the season. Farmers are known to freeze plums of French prunes for a longer shelf life. They are also easily dried allowing to develop a deeper flavor and slightly chewy texture.

These French Prunes or Plums are air-flown from France on demand. They are best consumed as soon as you get them, especially when they are ripe. Whole plums should be stored at room temperature until ripened. Once ripe, the plums can be kept whole in a bowl in the refrigerator and covered with plastic seal wrap. Or, to store cut plums, remove pits and cut fruit into chunks or wedges of desired size. You may also choose to freeze them for longer storage.

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