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Malagos Rosita

Bold in flavor


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A unique Malagos Farmhouse offering, the Malagos Rosita is bold in flavor and subtly nutty.


Hailing from Davao, the Malagos Rosita is a washed rind cheese made of cow’s milk. It has a rosy exterior, highlighted by a dusting of white mold. Aged for three months, the inside has a velvety finish. Its flavor is bold, aromatic, and nutty.


The Malagos Rosita can be used in a variety of ways! Like many soft cheeses, it’s versatile and will enhance anything you include it in.

Serve it on a cheese platter, with some cured meats, and hard crackers.

Make your breakfasts extra special by topping your scrambled eggs with this Davao cheese, or have it on your bagel as an alternative to cream cheese.

Use this in your sandwiches, or even add it into your lasagnas and other pastas.

To pair, try this Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, or this Sauvignon Blanc.


Malagos is a world class brand, a Filipino pioneer in dairy production. Their cheeses and chocolates are par excellence.

We know chocolates to be full of natural anti-oxidants, and if ingesting it is already so beneficial, what happens when you slather it onto your body? Incredible things, apparently, which is how the Malagos Chocolate Spa in Davao was born.

The spa offers massages and facials that use Malagos dark chocolates combined with essential oils. The chocolate contains flavonoids, which are good for treating fine lines. And indeed, the chocolate spa invigorates the skin cells, decreasing the aging process, and increasing the skin’s firmness.

Storage Instructions

Kindly pay attention to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Consume prior to date indicated.

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