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Delivery to: Metro Manila

Kurīmu Launches it's Best Flavor Yet

and we love it.

by William Kramer

May 14, 2022, Manila, Philippines - Kurīmu in collaboration with The Bow Tie Duck launched the Miso Mascarpone with Passion Fruit Almond Praline as part of their Spring 2022 collection.

Since their launch in 2020, Kurīmu has become the premium brand when it comes to Japanese inspired hand crafted ice cream in the Philippines. Founders Bryan and Maxine Kong are no strangers to the industry, with over a decade experience in Japanese cuisine. They have been consistently delivering never before seen and tasted flavors to the Philippines.

Maxine and Bryan Kong, founders of Kurīmu.

They've collaborated with other brands to create some of the most unique flavors. Their latest addition was conceptualized together with Julien and Raizza Marie, founders and expert curators of The Bow Tie Duck. Through careful and meticulous experimentation, they have created a limited edition flavor that's sure to delight your palate.

Introducing, Kurīmu X The Bow Tie Duck's Miso Mascarpone with Passion Fruit Almond Praline.

Miso Mascarpone with Passion Fruit Almond Praline

For this new concept, their goal was simple: to balance out the complexities of flavor and texture, and to come up with something simply good and addicting.

They chose Mascarpone to serve as the backdrop for this concept for its subtlety in flavor and smoothness in texture. Miso, on the other hand, lends a mild fruity taste, with a hint of sweetness. But to tie everything together in time for their Spring release, they thought of adding tart from Passion Fruit Almond Praline as the perfect way to cut through the creaminess and smoothness this flavor brings.

We don't know what the future holds. But that's what Spring is for; it reminds us that there are always brighter days ahead of us. So let's see what happens!

At Kurīmu, they believe that thoughtful craftsmanship always breathes new life into culinary experiences. As the local market becomes more discerning in terms of taste, there is also an apparent need to constantly evolve and navigate their brand in the culinary world. Their enjoyment comes from the challenge of having to incorporate traditional flavors with modern ideas and concepts.

Kurīmu, premium hand crafted ice cream.

Their mission remains the same, for Kurīmu to introduce premium hand crafted Japanese inspired ice cream and reach more and more people nationwide.

At the end of the day, good ice cream should always be accessible. Buying it should be exciting and taking it home should add value to the memories you create through it with family and friends.

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