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Eat, Read, Repeat

First chapter of The Duck's Digest

by Raizza Encinas Marie

After almost a year of working on this project, it is with great honor that I introduce our newest venture, a multimedia online column we'd like to call The Duck's Digest.

The name stands for two things. On one hand, it is, in every literal sense, a digest, which means a regular periodical.

On the other hand, it takes on the verb, to digest, which talks about how our bodies get energy from the food we ingest. We aim to talk about our relation to food, as individuals and as humanity, how we transform it and how it transforms us. It’d be a lie if I said this won’t expose us as the true food geeks that we are!

From farm to table. We explore the way food defines us as a humanity.

The Bow Tie Duck has always been in continued pursuit of curating and serving the Philippines with the best fine food and wine that the world has to offer.

With that, it is also our responsibility to be able to impart ample knowledge and information that can help our patrons appreciate the many food and drink in this great beautiful earth, no matter how glorious or obscure, native or exotic.

If you are new to The Duck's Digest, then I am glad that you’ve decided to check us out. Each article will be dedicated to exploring one topic in depth, whether it is about the deeper meaning of food terroir, or a comprehensive understanding of how seasonality affects food taste.

We will dive into the how’s and why’s of food making, many of which are heavily intertwined with decades of culture and tradition from their countries or places of origin.

We will also be featuring recipes that could best compliment your regular favorites at The Bow Tie Duck store, as well as tips for perfect servings and pairings, so you can easily impress your dinner guests.

We'll help you with the perfect serve. Oysters, caviar and your wine choices will no longer be intimidating.

This little area ofThe Bow Tie Duck will serve as your personal resource for anything and everything fine food.

Our aim is that you not only enjoy reading this, but that what we share may serve as a compass for you to continue exploring—or better yet, for you to jumpstart your own culinary explorations.

We hope you will be inspired and delighted by the stories that you encounter as we continuously spread our love for fine foods. Our vision is to create a bridge between the people that craft them, those that share them, and those that enjoy them.

This is an incredible journey we have just begun, but it is one that our Duck family will never stop exploring!

And so, with a hope for an enjoyable read and the spirit of adventure around the world (through our bellies!), I welcome you all to The Duck's Digest.

Cheers and happy reading!

Raizza, The Bow Tie Duck Queen Curator