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Dubernet Duck Rillettes

Gourmet French Charcuterie


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Maison Dubernet presents an exquisite embodiment of French culinary tradition with their sublime Dubernet Duck Rillettes. This time-honored delicacy marries rustic charm with gourmet sophistication.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Maison Dubernet’s Dubernet Duck Rillettes offer a masterclass in balance: the intensity of the rich, savory duck meat elegantly accented by a m\u00e9lange of sharp pepper, fragrant thyme, warm ginger, and the earthy undertones provided by onion and garlic. Each bite encapsulates centuries of practiced culinary craftsmanship, the texture exceptionally tender and pleasantly spreadable. This product truly stands alone within its category, not only for its luxurious fattiness delivering a silky mouthfeel, but also for its uniformity and nuanced flavors that are emblematic of French charcuterie tradition.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Serve atop a toasted baguette slice or a delicate blini for a delectable canap\u00e9.
  • Incorporate into a refined charcuterie board accompanied by sharp cheeses, tart cornichons, and a selection of fruit preserves.
  • Enhance a simple green salad by adding a dollop of rillettes, infusing the dish with luxurious depth.
  • Savor with a robust Bordeaux wine or a crisp, dry cider to match the rillettes’ richness.

    Legacy of Maison Dubernet

Maison Dubernet, established in 1864, has long stood as a pillar of the French gourmet food industry. Their commitment to traditional gastronomy and artisanal excellence is woven into every jar of Dubernet Duck Rillettes. With over 150 years of history, Maison Dubernet’s dedication to preserving the crafting techniques of charcuterie speaks to their unparalleled reputation for quality.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate upon purchase and keep the product at temperatures between 0\u00b0C and 4\u00b0C (32\u00b0F to 39.2\u00b0F). Upon opening, store in an airtight container and consume within a few days for optimal flavor.

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