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Snow crabs are found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and have a tender, white meat, mostly found in their legs.


In the bitter cold waters of the Northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, you can find the Snow Crab. Otherwise known as queen crab, they have short, round bodies, with a light red to brownish shell. They are mostly legs, which is why—much like the king crab, their legs are the more popular part of them.

The Snow Crab’s meat is tender, and as its name suggest, a snowy white color. it has a sweet, mild, and delicate flavor, and especially delicious when cooked simply.


The best way to enjoy Snow Crab is steamed or boiled, and the meat dipped in melted butter. Serve it with either roast potatoes, or a steak for a surf and turf. Pair with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay, or a Riesling.


Both crabs are known for their legs, but there are distinct differences. King crabs are bigger than snow crabs, but the king crabs’ legs are shorter and their shells are tougher to crack. Snow crab meat is more fibrous, and easier to shred to pieces. Snow crabs are from the North Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and king crabs can be found in the Bering Sea, between Alaska and Russia. And king crabs, of course, are more expensive, owing to their short harvesting season and limited availability.

Storage Instructions

For longer storage, place the box container, with all its contents intact, inside your refrigerator or cooler at (1- 4 C) Fresh water will kill the crabs immediately so avoid washing them. The Live King Cab can be kept alive for 48 more hours if stored properly but it is recommended you cook and consume them immediately to ensure the best taste.

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