Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

The Rarest Arabica in the World

Single Origin. Made of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is prized for its full body taste, complex flavor notes, and a bright and vibrant acidity removed of any bitterness. Regarded as the best coffee in the world, experience your best brew today, courtesy of the Bow Tie Duck!

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An aroma that sparkles in its boldness, offering up a delight of floral notes with sweet herbal and nutty overtones, a good cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is unforgettable in its balance and smoothness. With a bright and vibrant acidity bereft of any bitterness, the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee possesses a full body remarkable of its high acidity.

It possesses a delicate sweetness, with flavor notes of rich spice, cocoa, and sweet herbs shining through as it slowly eases with the most elegantly satisfying finish imaginable.


At Bow Tie Duck, you may choose to have your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee freshly roasted by Malongo’s expert roasters by choosing the 250g Green Coffee Beans option during checkout. Guaranteed freshness, delivered straight to your doorstep!

To bring out the bright, subtle flavors of Malongo’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee at home, brew using a Pour Over method (our friends at Malongo prepare their brews with a Hario v60, but a Kalita, Origami, or any other dripper of your preference works just as well) with a recipe of 18 grams of coffee for every 300ml of water.

We recommend using filtered water heated to 200°F (93°C) - 250°F (121°C) to ensure the best brew. A good way to measure this is to let your water come to a boil and then cool for 30-45 seconds before pouring over your ground beans.


Introduced in Jamaica in 1728, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the most prestigious and rarest of coffees in the world.

Grown in the Blue Mountains located on the easter portion of Jamaica, the cool temperature, abundant rain, and rich volcanic soil provides an ideal location for growing the most excellent beans. However, not all coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountains can be classified as a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. A globally protected certification mark, only coffee beans grown at elevations between 3,000 and 5,500 feet above sea levels in Saint Andrew, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, or Portland parish can be considered a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

This small plantation area, a 10-month harvesting period (twice as long as average coffee), and strict quality controls mean that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is as elusive as it is world-renowned and luxurious.

Store in a cool dry place.

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