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Argentinian Angus Picanha Metzger Selection

Succulent South American Signature

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Experience the pinnacle of South American beef tradition with the Argentinian Angus Picanha, an esteemed culinary treasure cherished for its rich flavor profile and sumptuous texture.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Dive into the sensational symphony that is the Argentinian Angus Picanha - a cut where cultural heritage weaves into a succulent banquet. A beefy essence bursts forth reminiscent of the robust vitality of Argentine cattle. The fat cap, reminiscent of the Pampas themselves, weaves a fragrant spell bound to a rich and buttery underlay from its intrinsic marbling. Not merely meat, the Picanha presents as a delicacy of craftsmanship, through which the confluence of seasoning and char blend in sizzling synergy to tantalize the discerning palate. Enveloped by grilling savoriness, the outer caramelization whispers tales of asados under southern skies, while the heart of the cut remains tender, succulently cocooned in juiciness, each fiber symbolizing centuries of tradition and evolution nested within Argentina’s diverse and bountiful landscape. It’s a cut that commands respect, necessitating traditional slow-cooking methods to honor the fat cap’s pivotal role in flavor and texture sensation. Argentine Angus Picanha stands not simply as a meal, but as a sensorial expedition across time and taste, rendering each bite a testament to the deep culinary narrative set in pristine natural pastures and favorable climates, brought forth by eons of selective breeding and cultural homage.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Traditional Asado: Embrace the full Argentinian experience by grilling Picanha fat-side up for a caramelized crust and a tender interior.
  • Chimichurri: Partner with this zesty, herbaceous sauce for a vibrant contrast.
  • Bold Red Wines: Complement its richness with a robust Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Grilled Vegetables: Besides offering a healthful balance, the charred sweetness of bell peppers and zucchini underscores the Picanha’s beefy flavor.
  • Root Vegetables: Try with roasted potatoes or pureed parsnips for an indulgent match.

    The Symbol of Asado: A Culinary Rite

At any given Argentine asado, the Picanha has achieved not merely popularity but reverence. Often, it is the last cut to grace the grill, indicating the peak of the feast. The anticipation and methodical cookery transform it into a rite more than mere sustenance; it becomes a centerpiece for social bonding over sizzling embers. Grilling Picanha is less a task and more an art, each crackle of fat and shifting coal an ode to generational wisdom and the rich, untamed lands of Argentine ranches. Such dishes are often enjoyed in communal settings, echoing the practices of indigenous Gauchos, a narrative of simplicity, of kinship, and of yielding to time as flavors mature under the open sky.

Storage Instructions

Store refrigerated at 32-40°F (0-4°C), consuming within 3-5 days. For prolonged storage, vacuum seal the Picanha and freeze at 0°F (-18°C). Thaw in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before use.

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