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Mancino Vermouth – Secco

Inspired by the Romagna


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This Vermouth di Torino is a pure Mediterranean delight, full of fresh herbs and citrus that wouldn’t go amiss in a gin martini.
Piedmont Northern Italy


This herbal, slightly nutty white vermouth by famous Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino includes 19 different botanicals atop the sweet-but-dry acidity of the Trebbiano di Romagna DOC white wine. Drier than some of the other vermouths from Mancino’s collection, this one is crisp, with notes of ripe pears and the citrus hit of lemon peel, wafting the delicate aromas of lemongrass, dog rose, and iris all the while. The prevalence of sage, marjoram, and oregano make this a truly Mediterranean fortified wine.


Mancino’s Secco Vermouth is perfect for gin martinis. Stir (or shake!) a seventy-thirty mixture of gin and this vermouth with ice and strain it all into a chilled coupe. Garnish with olives on a toothpick or a lemon twist for a refreshing drink any time of day. For something a little heavier but no less invigorating, make yourself a Bronx. This old 1930s classic needs 60ml of gin, 20ml of fresh orange juice, and 15ml each of Mancino’s Secco Vermouth and Rosso Amaranto Vermouth. Stir it all together and serve over ice in a rock glass.


Found all over the Emilia Romagna, this is a hearty, straw-yellow wine with high alcohol content and mild aromas. It happens to be quite versatile, widely consumed as a still wine, but it also plays the part of the base for spumante (sparkling) wines and is used in distilling brandies. Wines made with at least 85 percent of the Trebbiano grape are awarded DOC classification as either Trebbiano de Romagna or Colli di Imola Trebbiano.

Storage Instructions

Store your unopened bottle of vermouth in a dark, cool pantry, ideally between 15 to 18°C. Unopened bottles can last up to 4 years. Once the bottle has been opened, you can store it in the fridge with its original stopper. Cold slows down oxidation reactions, keeping your bottle as fresh as possible for up to one month.

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