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Casa Rinaldi Black Truffles

The black diamond


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Casa Rinaldi gives use solid and whole black truffles, ready to use, and with perfectly preserved flavor and aroma.


The black truffle is what gourmets and fans would call the “black diamond.” They’re widely sought-after, but difficult to get ahold of. They have a lumpy, roundish, lopsided appearance, with a rough, black surface.

The Casa Rinaldi Black Truffles have a rich, pungent aroma, and delicate, exquisite flavor.


Truffles should be used as a finishing element, as prolonged heat will weaken its flavor. As these are whole, they can be slivered, shaved, grated, or thinly sliced. Use them to finish a number of dishes—pasta, risotto, potatoes, pizza, salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. You can also mis them into sauces, fold them in butter, or infuse them in oil or honey.


The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient Italian breed of dog, bred specifically for hunting. Its name is taken from the word “lago,” meaning lake, and they were first bred around 1474 CE, in Romagna, Italy. They were first trained to be hunting companions and water retrievers, but the landscape of Romagna slowly begun to evolve from marshlands into farmlands, resulting in a lack of hunting.

It was then that they begun to replace truffle pigs. Pigs were primarily used by truffle hunters to sniff out truffles, but they were very conspicuous and would inadvertently reveal secret gathering spots to competing hunters. So truffle hunters began using the Lagotto Romagnolo, and to this day, they are the preferred breed for truffle hunting.

Storage Instructions

Keep your truffles in a cool, dry, dim area, like a cupboard or a pantry. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate. Consume within 24 months.

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