Crispy Pork Rind Cracklings (Chicharon) by Gourmigz

Sinfully Delicious

Our favorite olive oil cake maker gives us a taste of his most sinful creation yet! Cripsy Pork Rind Cracklings or Chicharon by Gourmigz At Home is a delightfully tasty treat that you can’t stop chowing on. Take a bite, feel the crunch. Have nice old beer alongside it and voila!

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Gourmigz At Home making Chicharon?! Yes, you heard right. We were hesitant at first but oh the treat we got after biting into this crispy Filipino delicacy. We were hooked!

The great thing about these Pork Rind Cracklings is you have a good crisp crunch, the right amount of fried pork fat and the right amount of salt seasoning. They come in small bite size portions that are easy to dip unto your favorite suka (vinegar).


We recommend these sinful treats with a nice cold glass of beer. Have a go at our beer selections! We recommend Van Steenberge’s Baptist Wit or Van Steenberge’s Gulden Draak.

Around the World With Chicharon

Chicharon is a salted and deep fried pork rind. Most Filipinos have it as a snack or pulutan (finger food) especially when drinking with friends. Sometimes Chicharon is used as a garnish or ingredient in other Filipino dishes such as Pinakbet (a vegetable stew) and Palabok (a noodle dish).

Most agree that Chicharon came from the Spaniards, during their colonial rule in the Philippines, as many Spanish and Portuguese-influenced countries share similarities with the dish. However there are quite a number of similar “varieties” of chicharon that have long existed all over the world. In Belize, chicharrón can be served with escabeche. In Bolivia, pork chicharrón is normally served only on Sundays and is eaten with llajwa, a tomato salsa, and mote, a type of corn. In Chile, chicharrones are made of fat, sometimes with a bit of meat, and are typically served with homemade bread. In El Salvador, a thick griddle flatbread called pupusas are often filled with chopped chicharon as a stuffing. In Guatemala, chicharrón is eaten with tortillas, lime, guacamole, and Moronga. It is also sometimes served with Pico de Gallo or Chirmol salsa. The list goes on! One thing is for sure. No matter where it is in the world, at least the Spanish-influenced areas, Chicharon makes a universal treat!

Chicharon can hold in room temperature provided it is away from any kind of moisture. If you have opened your chicharon, reseal again or place in an air tight container to hold the freshness and crisp.

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