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French Lamb Shoulder (Epaule) from Sisteron by Boucheries Metzger

Refinement and Flavor Symphony

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Discover the French Lamb Shoulder from Sisteron by Boucheries Metzger, a pure embodiment of flavor and finesse. Its unique taste profile and the dedication behind its traditional production methods make it truly exceptional.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

A true jewel of French gastronomy, our French Lamb Shoulder from Sisteron, provided by the reputable Boucheries Metzger, is an invitation to enjoy a distinct tenderness and robust flavors. It represents the culmination of high-quality livestock farming practices elevating the enjoyment of lamb to an entirely different level. This well-nourished piece from Sisteron region doesn’t disappoint, exploding with aromas of thyme, rosemary, and garlic, borrowed from the rich flora of the Provence Alpes region. The savory bites are punctuated by unmistakable undertones of olives, dried fruit, celery, parsnip and figs, encapsulating the magic of Mediterranean flavors. Each morsel reveals the succulent texture of the meat, a testament to the high-quality rearing methods and the selection of the finest specimens. Our Sisteron lamb shoulder is an extraordinary addition to any culinary repertoire, setting a high bar in the world of gourmet meats.

Pairings & Suggestions

The lamb shoulder from Sisteron serves as the perfect canvas for a myriad of recipes and culinary inspirations. For a heartwarming dish, you can’t go wrong with a slow-cooked casserole where the shoulder is gently simmered with root vegetables and herbs to bring out the symphony of flavors. Alternatively, it can be seared and roasted, served with a side of creamy mash and seasonal vegetables for a timeless classic.

In addition to traditional preparations, the lamb shoulder pairs beautifully with bold red wines, notably Crozes-Hermitage from the RhĂ´ne Valley. The mouthfeel of the wine, brimming with dark fruits and balanced by spicy hints, harmonizes with the juiciness of the lamb, making each bite an event to savor.

Whether you’re crafting a rustic comfort dish or an upscale gourmet meal, the Sisteron lamb shoulder never fails to enhance the culinary experience, delivering unparalleled taste and quality in every bite.

The Tale of the Shepherd and the Wolf

The story of Sisteron Lamb is a compelling narrative of resilience, respect for nature, and the pursuit of culinary excellence. Shepherd Guillaume Garcin’s close encounter with a hunting wolf exemplifies the delicate balance between agriculture and wildlife in the remote mountainsides of Provence.

In these picturesque landscapes, traditional practices of raising lambs serve as a testament to the bond between humans and nature. It is here that the lambs graze freely, enriching themselves with the region’s aromatic flora, and ultimately lending their unique flavors to this distinguished culinary offering.

The anecdote serves as a reminder of the dedication of shepherds like Guillaume, who brave the challenges of the land and protect their flocks, ensuring the legacy of Sisteron Lamb. Their commitment weaves the rich tapestry of Sisteron Lamb’s heritage and embodies the principles of sustainable, high-quality livestock farming.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the freshness and exceptional flavor of the Sisteron Lamb Shoulder, store it in the refrigerator, ideally at a temperature below 40°F (4°C). Ensure the lamb is well-wrapped to prevent it from drying out. Bear in mind, it’s crucial to handle this high-quality meat with due care and to refer to the supplier’s instructions or packaging for more specific storage guidelines, if available.

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