Nicolas Alziari Olive Oil Soaps

Beautiful Bars with a Long History

The Alziari family has been making olive oil and olive oil based products in Nice, France since 1868. These beautiful bars of soap are a long standing staff favorite. Softens skin and rough hands. Perfect for the bath or the kitchen sink.

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This marks The Bow Tie Duck’s first dive into the Skin Care category which we happily named as “Self Care”. Besides food and great wines/ alcohol, we’d like to believe that high quality everyday items that provide the same luxury experience fits our line up.

What better way to break it in by introducing the finest olive oils soaps made from the finest Olive Oils by the Alziari Family. Based in Nice, France, these soaps have been made alongside their other olive oil products since 1868.

These Alziari Olive Oil Soaps will invigorate your senses. Olive oil has been a key ingredient in cleansing and moisturizing skin for centuries. The antioxidant properties help nourish skin and even help fight signs of aging. Alziari soaps and products have stayed pure and true, being made from natural products for over a hundred years. A family company passed down for generations, they have remained true and in touch with tradition for their long-standing olive oil production. These beautifully scented soaps are long lasting and beneficial, softening skin and rough hands. This soap is a great addition to any bath or kitchen.

In stock:

  • Olive Oil Plain (Savon à l’huile d’olive) - Vegetable soap with extra virgin olive oil perfumed with olive oil.
  • Verbene (Savon à l’huile d’olive Parfum verveine) - Verbene or Verbena is type of flower which smells like a mix of lemon, grass and citronella.

Sold out:

  • Honey (Savon à l’huile d’olive Parfum miel) - The wonderful goodness of extra virgin olive oil with the sweetness of beeswax honey fragrance
  • Citron/Lemon (Savon à l’huile d’olive Parfum citron) -The perfume of lemon will liven your washing and bathing experience
  • Lime Tree (Savon à l’huile d’olive Parfum tilleul) - With the invigorating citrus fragrance of lime
  • Lavender (Savon à l’huile d’olive Parfum lavande) -Let yourself be carried away by the sweet scent of lavender that will remind you of Provence.

Soaps not in use should be stored in a covered container that allows air circulation, and in a cool, dry location. Soap bars have the potential to last a long time so keep them as dry as possible when not in use.

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