Thumbnail 1 - Air-flown Fresh Faroe Island Salmon (Wild-Raised) by Hiddenfjord
Thumbnail 2 - Air-flown Fresh Faroe Island Salmon (Wild-Raised) by Hiddenfjord

Air-flown Fresh Faroe Island Salmon (Wild-Raised) by Hiddenfjord

The best buttery quality


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Rich in protein, with a beautiful texture and flavor, sashimi grade Fresh Faroe Island Salmon is of the highest quality, ready to be the star of your table. This salmon is raised in the wild and has a supreme variation in taste as compared to farm-raised salmon. The producer, [Hiddenfjord]( (the only 100% Faroese salmon farming company) also holds a GlobalG.A.P certificate. This is the worldwide quality assurance standard for good agricultural practices, which covers criteria for the environment and ecology, animal welfare, food safety, and staff health and safety. The standard serves as a credible third-party verification to confirm that our business operations are both sustainable and safe, and that the salmon is farmed responsibly in ecologically sound conditions.


Salmon from the Faroe Islands are raised in the most optimal of environments. The Faroe Islands’ location has a cool and steady temperature, beautiful clear waters, strong currents, and accessible fjords. These are ideal conditions for salmon, encouraging them to thrive and grow. The fish itself has a dense, pleasing texture. It’s beautifully fatty, but not overwhelming. Its flavor is buttery, almost melting in your mouth—only the best and highest quality.


Fresh Faroe Island Salmon is sashimi grade, meaning it’s completely safe to eat raw. Use a very sharp knife to slice it, and serve as fresh sashimi. Another easy way is to roast in the oven at 400F. Just pat the salmon dry with a paper towel, place on a sheet pan, and surround with your favorite vegetables. Coat the salmon and vegetables generously with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes, until salmon is flaky.


In The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn, a tale in Irish Mythology, the poet, Finn Eces, searches for seven years for the Salmon of Knowledge, who will grant the powers of knowledge to whoever eats it. He finally catches it, and he asks Fionn mac Cumhaill, his young pupil, to prepare it for him. but young Fionn accidentally burns his thumb on the salmon’s juices. Immediately and instinctively, he puts his thumb in his mouth, inadvertently gaining the Salmon’s wisdom.

Storage Instructions

Fresh fish will arrive to you in designated styro boxes with shaved ice. Kindly store in your fridge as soon as received.

For the best flavor and quality, fish should be prepared for eating the same day it is brought home, but it can be stored for two to three days in a refrigerator at a cool 4°C. You can store fish fillets in airtight bags in the freezer for up to a month. Cooked leftovers should be cooled and refrigerated as soon as possible and consumed within three days.

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