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Chilled Akaroa Cold Smoked Salmon

Bright and smoky

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Raised with respect to the salmon’s welfare, and the environment’s protection, Akaroa Cold Smoked Salmon are smooth, with a firm texture, and a bright flavor with smoky notes.


Akaroa salmon are raised in the pristine waters of Lucas Bay, near the Akaroa Harbor in New Zealand. Akaroa prioritizes the long-term protection of the environment, and the health and welfare of their fish. This salmon is cold smoked, which means it is dry-cured in a lot of salt, then smoked at temperatures below 80F (~26.7C). This cold smoking doesn’t really cook the fish, so the salmon is left with a wonderful almost raw-like texture. It’s velvety smooth and firm, with a bright flavor, punctuated by salty notes and hints of smokiness.


Akaroa Cold Smoked Salmon is great for your bagels and cream cheese, or your Eggs Royale (the salmon version of an Eggs Benedict). It’s also wonderful in scrambled eggs, frittatas, and pies. Or you can enjoy it as simply as topping it on toast or crackers.


A company committed to rearing superior quality salmon, Akaroa’s simple philosophy of rearing salmons that prioritizes the health and welfare of the fish whilst being respectful to the environment have succeeded in making it one of the top artisan producers supplying New Zealand’s best salmon to New Zealand’s best restaurants.

The quality of Akaroa’s sea-reared salmon is of high-quality, with the proof being in its oil content (a high oil content in salmons typically results in an oily aftertaste that masks the flavors of the fish). Farmed salmon have an oil content of around 30%, sea-caught wild King Salmon have around 9%, while Akaroa’s King Salmon have an oil content of only 10%.

Storage Instructions

Akaroa Salmon are air-flown every other week from New Zealand to your doorstep. Store them in your fridge as soon as received. Once opened, it is best enjoyed within 48 hours for the best experience. For long storage of unopened salmon packs, consult the best before date on each pack. This is cured salmon

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