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Buena Vista The Sheriff

Brimming Personality

A bold red wine with a brim¬≠ming per¬≠son¬≠al¬≠i¬≠ty is offered in every bot¬≠tle of The Sher¬≠iff of Bue¬≠na Vista 2016. This red wine from Sono¬≠ma Coun¬≠ty is a craft¬≠ed blend of Caber¬≠net Sauvi¬≠gnon, Mer¬≠lot, Petite Sir¬≠ah, Syrah and Grenache. Expe¬≠ri¬≠ence a full-bod¬≠ied wine which explodes of red and black fruits on the nose, fit for peo¬≠ple of author¬≠i¬≠ty or for those who pre¬≠fer to have a lus¬≠cious red wine to pair with your hearty meals. 

Notes form the Curator

This bold 2016 Sono¬≠ma Coun¬≠ty Red Wine is an author¬≠i¬≠ta¬≠tive blend of Petite Sir¬≠ah, Caber¬≠net Sauvi¬≠gnon, Grenache, Syrah, Petite Ver¬≠dot, Mis¬≠sion and Caber¬≠net Franc. This robust wine opens with arrest¬≠ing aro¬≠mas of black plum and cas¬≠sis min¬≠gled with notes of bram¬≠ble¬≠ber¬≠ry and star anise. Rich fla¬≠vors of rasp¬≠ber¬≠ry and black¬≠ber¬≠ry are com¬≠ple¬≠ment¬≠ed with notes of dark choco¬≠late and a touch of soft bak¬≠ing spice. Well-bal¬≠anced acid¬≠i¬≠ty and pol¬≠ished tan¬≠nins lead to a superbly long finish. 


The Sher¬≠iff is best paired with gamey meats, beef and poul¬≠try. Dish¬≠es such as Hun¬≠gar¬≠i¬≠an goulash or a hearty pan-grilled steak go well with this too. 

A Trib­ute

The Sher¬≠iff is actu¬≠al¬≠ly cre¬≠at¬≠ed in hon¬≠or of the first Sher¬≠iff of the Coun¬≠ty of San Diego, Agos¬≠ton Haraszthy who spent a good num¬≠ber of years pur¬≠su¬≠ing ‚Äč‚Äúpur¬≠ple gold‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒ the per¬≠fect for ter¬≠roir of fine wines. He found it in Sono¬≠ma Coun¬≠ty where he estab¬≠lished Bue¬≠na Vista Win¬≠ery in 1857. This wine hon¬≠ors his pio¬≠neer¬≠ing lega¬≠cy in law enforce¬≠ment and wine¬≠grow¬≠ing, as well as all of those indi¬≠vid¬≠u¬≠als who pro¬≠tect and serve the com¬≠mu¬≠ni¬≠ties of Cal¬≠i¬≠for¬≠nia. Like the men and women who are elect¬≠ed to serve their coun¬≠ties, this wine has a robust mag¬≠net¬≠ism that com¬≠mands a room (or din¬≠ner table) and bridges the gap between tra¬≠di¬≠tion¬≠al and extraordinary.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened red wines in a cool, dry, and dark place safe from con¬≠stant vibra¬≠tion. Keep your bot¬≠tle hor¬≠i¬≠zon¬≠tal in a wine rack or cel¬≠lar to retain the moist¬≠ness of the cork. The ide¬≠al tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture for stor¬≠age is between 16 to 18¬įC. Once opened, a bot¬≠tle will be good for 3 to 5 days stand¬≠ing upright in the refrigerator.

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