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Huitres Ostra Regal

Elixir of Maritime Nobility


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Dive into the briny depths of Huitres Ostra Regal, the quintessence of premium oyster indulgence, meticulously curated by La Famille Boutrais.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Huitres Ostra Regal, plucked from the lucid waters that grace Ireland’s Clew Bay and Bannow Cove, unveil an arresting tapestry of flavors that are the whispers of the sea to the palate. A fresh, briny scent beckons the senses, serenading them with evocative hints of pristine maritime realms. Upon initiation, the oysters reveal a staggering mineral-rich and iodized profile, a testament to the life-sustaining minerals generously proffered by the nourishing waters of their birth. As one delves deeper into this nautical embrace, the mid-palate sings with an unexpected chorus of sweetness, juxtaposed with a balancing act of subtle acidity—each note carefully orchestrated by nature’s meticulous hand. Completing this rhapsody is a lingering algal caress, an enduring hinterland of flavor punctuated by elusive whispers of hazelnut, rounding out an epicurean journey of sea-bound discovery. The Huitres Ostra Regal’s texture, an essential counterpart to its symphony of taste, resonates with a resolute firmness and a crispness that belies the oysters’ robust vigor. The high meat ratio speaks to the lavish generosity of the sea and the tireless diligence of the Boutrais lineage. Aptly bearing the hallmarks of their premium status, these oysters are an embodiment of their storied terroir and a monument to their brethren.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Fine Champagne: Elevate each oceanic morsel with the effervescence of a fine Champagne or an exemplary Blanc de Blancs.
  • Classic Mignonette: A delicate companion, a classic mignonette with red wine vinegar, fine shallots, and a twist of cracked black pepper.
  • Pain de Campagne: Savor alongside slices of pain de campagne, each bite a celebration of rustic simplicity and maritime complexity.

    Mellifluous Histories and Anecdotes

La Famille Boutrais glides through histories, bearing tales of Vendée and Brittany’s maritime valor. The Huitres Ostra Regal are not solely a product of their environment but of the centuries of cultivated marine mastery vested within them. Each oyster, a narrative of French vendée and coastal intricacies, bridging the Irish waters’ vivacity with the French tradition’s unwavering dedication. La Famille Boutrais—true to their regional roots from the historic Saint Coulomb to the fortified Saint Malo—has for generations nurtured these oysters within the most promising alcoves of the sea, combining time-honored techniques and deep care. Engage your guests with an ambrosial discussion of how the intersection of these two vibrant cultures inspires the creation of these captivating shellfish, and of the esteemed Boutrais family’s unwavering commitment to the art and science of oyster perfection.

Storage Instructions

Maintain the essence of the Ostra Regal by storing them at a chilly 0 - 4 degrees Celsius (32°F - 39°F) with high humidity and a circlet of chilled air. Position them cup-side down, not stacked, enshrouded in a damp cloth but not sealed air-tight to treasure their sublime vivacity.

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