Pinkie's Farm Chocolate Milk

Creamy, chocolatey goodness

Coming from Pinkie’s Farm, a single-origin dairy in Lipa, Batangas, this chocolate milk is creamy, rich, and lip-smacking delicious.

What to know
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Made with pasteurized grass-fed cow’s milk mixed with alkalized chocolate powder, the Pinkie’s Farm Chocolate Milk is non-homogenized, keeping all its flavor and nutrients. And what flavor! This delicious treat is so very chocolatey and creamy, you’ll finish a bottle by yourself.

And because it is non-homogenous, when unshaken, you can see just how natural everything is in their glass bottle, when it settles into three layers. The bottom-most part, and the darkest layer, is the pure alkalized chocolate powder used to flavor it. The middle, slightly lighter brown part is full cream milk mixed with the chocolate. And the top, lightest layer is the rich cream of the milk floating to the top.

Just give the bottle a shake to mix it up, and enjoy!


The great thing about this single-origin milk is that it can definitely be enjoyed on its own. Have a glass in the morning with your breakfast.

Chocolate milk is also a great post-workout drink, so have an ice-cold glass after running, swimming, or any high intensity workout, and replenish those muscles.


The difference between cocoa powders is always something that makes people’s head scratch.

Natural cocoa powder, sometimes called unsweetened cocoa powder, comes from the natural powder from roasted cocoa beans. It has a strong, very concentrated chocolate flavor, is acidic, and bitter.

Alkalized cocoa powder, also called Dutch Process cocoa powder, comes from cocoa beans that have been washed in potassium carbonate, an alkaline solution. This neutralizes their acidity. It’s darker in color, a little more mellow in flavor, and dissolves easily in liquids.

This milk is all-natural, and contains no preservatives. It must be placed in the refrigerator immediately upon receipt, as heat could accelerate spoilage. It will last 7 days, unopened. But once opened, must be consumed within 2 days.

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