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Malagos Mango Sublime

Sweet symphony

Mala­gos Farm­house Cheese from Davao has tru­ly pushed the enve­lope with their Sub­lime Line, like this gor­geous man­go wonder.


With a beau¬≠ti¬≠ful cream col¬≠or, dot¬≠ted with bright orangey-yel¬≠low man¬≠go bits, the Mala¬≠gos Man¬≠go Sub¬≠lime is one to behold. Done in the style of chevre, this lac¬≠tic acid cheese is made from a blend of pas¬≠teur¬≠ized cow and goat milk. Made fresh, it is always cloth drained and hand mold¬≠ed, and very light¬≠ly salted.

The Mala¬≠gos Man¬≠go Sub¬≠lime is a sweet cheese, owing to the promi¬≠nent bits of deli¬≠cious fresh Philip¬≠pine man¬≠goes inter¬≠spersed within.


A per¬≠fect dessert cheese, it will go well as a meal-ender. Or a sweet snack, should you have the crav¬≠ing for some¬≠thing dif¬≠fer¬≠ent and delicious.

Pair it with a sparkling wine, like this fruity Chardon¬≠nay to round out your treat.


The star of the Mala­gos Man­go Sub­lime is def­i­nite­ly the man­go. Philip­pine man­goes are an insti­tu­tion in itself, reput­ed inter­na­tion­al­ly for its deli­cious fla­vor, and list­ed as the sweet­est man­go in the world in 1995 by the Guin­ness Book of World Records.

Myths have sur¬≠round¬≠ed the mango‚Äôs heart shape. One such sto¬≠ry involves a sweet boy who was loved by every¬≠one for how kind and help¬≠ful he was. He devel¬≠oped a ter¬≠ri¬≠ble sick¬≠ness, with¬≠out any¬≠one know¬≠ing how to cure him. Despite his par¬≠ents car¬≠ing for him, he got worse and even¬≠tu¬≠al¬≠ly succumbed.

His par¬≠ents, and the vil¬≠lage, were dis¬≠traught. A Diwa¬≠ta appeared to his par¬≠ents as they buried him, ask¬≠ing for his heart. She buried the boy‚Äôs heart atop a hill, and there sprout¬≠ed a tree that grew beau¬≠ti¬≠ful sweet gold¬≠en fruit shaped like hearts.

Storage Instructions

Cheeses (except brined ones in jars) should be stored in the crisper or the but¬≠ter draw¬≠er of a refrig¬≠er¬≠a¬≠tor, not on the shelves them¬≠selves. This is to help reg¬≠u¬≠late their tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture and humid¬≠i¬≠ty lev¬≠els‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČand pre¬≠vents the for¬≠ma¬≠tion of mold. Once opened, they should not be kept in their orig¬≠i¬≠nal pack¬≠ag¬≠ing. This cheese should be stored in a lid¬≠ded plas¬≠tic or glass con¬≠tain¬≠er in the refrig¬≠er¬≠a¬≠tor. Kind¬≠ly pay atten¬≠tion to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Con¬≠sume pri¬≠or to date indicated.

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