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Fresh European Lobster

The King of Lobsters


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Famous for its delicate flesh, the Fresh European Lobster has meat that is firm and succulent, with a great briny flavor.


Considered the King of Lobsters, this Fresh European Lobster comes from Brittany, and has truly excellent meat. Also referred to as blue lobster, this clawed crustacean has a firm meat, with a pronounced taste—succulent, with strong ocean notes. This is a lobster for seafood lovers.


Its shell turns bright red when cooked, and there are countless great ways to prepare Fresh European Lobster. You can have it as Lobster Thermidor, as lobster bisque, or in a lobster roll. You can also enjoy it simply—boiled or steamed, then dipped in melted butter.


Lobsters are very interesting. They don’t look very pretty, which is a large part of why they were considered a “poor man’s food” once. But Native Americans used to use lobsters as bait, and as fertilizer for their crops. They ate them, too, usually wrapped in seaweed and baked over hot rocks. Lobsters, after all, are also a great source of protein, Omega-3, and is actually pretty low in fat.

Lobsters are voracious eaters. After molting, they often will eat their own emptied shells, allowing a quick replenishment of lost calcium and helps harden the new shell quicker. They’re also carnivorous, often eating smaller lobsters when that is the fresh food to be found.

Storage Instructions

Wrap your fresh lobsters in damp paper, and store with ice packs or in the refrigerator. Keep the lobsters as cold as possible. But do not freeze them. Consume within 2 days.

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