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Live Australian Crayfish

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Crayfish have a look and texture resembling lobsters, but they are not lobsters. They have a firm, succulent meat that is nicely sweet in flavor.


Crayfish are crustaceans that have first legs that are enlarged and pincer-like. They resemble lobsters closely in appearance, but are not lobsters. They are found mainly in fresh water, like rivers, streams, lakes, and swamps. These live Australian crayfish have a range of colors, but are generally blue-green. Similar to many other crustaceans, only a small portion is edible, usually the tail and claws. Its meat is firm and succulent, with a texture similar to lobster and crab. Its taste is also fairly similar, but less briny, and sweeter.


A popular way to enjoy Australian Crayfish is to boil them, and serve them with a lemon butter or a garlic sauce. You can also bake them with some cheese, cook them in coconut milk, or grill them. They’re also great in soups, bisques, pastas, and stews.


Crayfish derive their name from the Old French word, “escrevisse.” It has since been modified to be more associated with “fish,” hence, “crayfish.”

These crustaceans are primarily vegetarians and are usually nocturnal, foraging for water weeds, roots, and leaves during the night. However, they are opportunistic omnivores, so should the opportunity arise, they will consume meat.

Storage Instructions

For longer storage, place the box container, with all its contents intact, inside your refrigerator or cooler at (1-4 C) Avoid fresh water as these will kill the crayfish immediately. Crayfish can be kept alive for 48 more hours if stored properly but it is recommended you cook and consume them immediately to ensure the best taste.

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