Pre-Ordered Merry Moo Artisanal Ice Cream
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Pre-Ordered Merry Moo Artisanal Ice Cream – Dark Coffee

Impressive Coffee Kick

Mer­ry Moo’s clas­sic cof­fee ice cream mixed with Ara­bi­ca cof­fee grounds sourced right here in the Philippines.


Creamy, rich, and local­ly sourced in Lagu­na — those are Mer­ry Moo’s promis­es. One of their best-sell­ing fla­vors is the deeply fla­vored cof­fee ice cream. Made with strong brewed Ara­bi­ca beans from all over the Philip­pines, this ice cream gets an extra help­ing of fla­vor from the coarse cof­fee grounds mixed in right at the churn. It’s your morn­ing cup­pa joe frozen straight in your freez­er — cream and sug­ar pre­mixed just for your enjoyment!


Cof­fee is a strong fla­vor all on its own. But it goes absolute­ly mar­velous­ly with any­thing choco­late. Top a warm dou­ble fudge brown­ie or cin­na­mon cake slice with a scoop of this ice cream, or break pieces of bars from our Theo & Phi­lo Dark Choco­late Col­lec­tion over a lit­tle sun­dae for added tex­ture and fla­vor. Want to dou­ble up on the caf­feine? Drop a scoop of this ice cream in a cup for an affogato.


In the Unit­ed States, Sep­tem­ber 6 is Nation­al Cof­fee Ice Cream Day — one of those unof­fi­cial hol­i­days that we’d very much love to declare offi­cial. Cof­fee ice cream has been around since 1869, when it popped up as a fla­vor in an Amer­i­can par­fait. In a 1919 cook­book, the recipe for ​“egg cof­fee” was list­ed, with cream, crushed ice, and cof­fee syrup as the only ingre­di­ents. Since the 1960s, cof­fee has become known as some­thing of a clas­sic ice cream flavor. 


This is a pre-ordered item at The Bow Tie Duck. Our local part­ner only makes this prod­uct in small batch­es depend­ing on demand. Deliv­er­ies of this item will only be made on Sat­ur­days. In case of deliv­ery delays, deliv­ery can­cel­la­tions, ​“out of stock” notices, or ​“out of sea­son” notices after pur­chase, you will be con­tact­ed by our Sup­port Team. You will receive a refund or prod­uct replace­ment, or you can choose a new deliv­ery date for your item. In choos­ing to place an order, you agree to the terms and have read that this par­tic­u­lar prod­uct is not on-hand. After a short wait, you will receive your orders fresh from the source.

Storage Instructions

Store ice cream in the main part of the freez­er. Do not store ice cream in the freez­er door, where ice cream can be sub­ject to more fluc­tu­at­ing tem­per­a­tures since the door is repeat­ed­ly open and shut. Keep the ice cream con­tain­er lid tight­ly closed when stor­ing in the freez­er to reduce the for­ma­tion of ice crystals.

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