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Nonino Chardonnay Monovitigno (Aged)

Harmonious and refined

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With a light amber color, this grappa from Nonino is made with Chardonnay grapes, and is refined and elegant, with notes of vanilla and almond.
Italy Europe


The Nonino Chardonnay Monovitigno (Aged) is made with selected and destalked pomace of harvested fresh and soft Chardonnay grapes. It’s fermented in stainless steel tanks in controlled temperatures, transferred into copper steam stills for distillation, and aged in barriques for 12 months.

It has a light amber color, with an ABV of 41%. It’s refined and elegant on the nose, with aromas of vanilla, bread, and pastry. On the palate, it’s harmonious and refined, with notes of chocolate and newly shelled almonds.


Grappa is usually enjoyed as a digestivo in Italy, which is an after-dinner drink. Sip it slowly, paired with ice cream, cream cakes, or semi-sweet chocolate. You can also drizzle it over fresh fruit for a different dessert.

You can even try your hand at making a cocktail called the Antonella, which was created by a bartender in the London Ritz Hotel, Gianni Albanese. Simply shake together Nonino Chardonnay Monovitigno (Aged), Limoncello, Amaretto, and Galliano. Serve with a garnish of lemon peel.


Founded by Orazio Nonino in in 1897, in Ronchi di Percoto, in the Friuli region of northeastern Italy, Nonino is a relatively small company, specializing in the production of grappa. The years have been good to Nonino, and the company is now on its fourth generation of family leadership.

Benito Nonino (Orazio’s great-grandson) and his wife, Gianola, were unsatisfied with only producing grappa the way it always was. In the early 70s, they set out to change their method of production, making grappa the best it could possibly be. Their revolutionary result came out in 1973, and was a single varietal grappa they called Grappa Monovitigno Nonino. This husband-and-wife powerhouse is responsible for the countless achievements, awards, and popularity that Nonino was since garnered.

They have three daughters—Cristina, Antonella, and Elisabetta, who have long been with their parents in their pursuit for grappa excellence. They are now heading much of the production, working alongside their family to keep Nonino on its star position on the map.

Storage Instructions

Store Grappa upright, in an area away from direct sunlight and heat. Make sure it’s tightly closed once opened. You may refrigerate, as Grappa is usually served chilled. It will last indefinitely, but if aroma, appearance, and taste become different and strange, discard.

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