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Japanese Musk Melon

Green and honey-sweet


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Japanese melons, also known as musk melons, are sweet and juicy, with a honeyed, musky flavor.


The musk melon is known in Japan as “the king of fruits” and is frequently presented as gifts, as is customary in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese Melon is often linked to the more widespread cantaloupe and honeydew varieties. But the Japanese musk melon is far sweeter and juicier.

Japanese Melon, or musk melon, has a green skin, covered in whitish veins. Inside, it is also a pale green color, but it does not mean it is unripe. It has a honeyed, musky flavor with a lot of sweetness that stays on the tongue for a long time.


The Japanese Musk Melon can be enjoyed the same as any other melon. Cut it up into cubes and refrigerate for a few hours for an incredibly refreshing snack. You can also turn it into a refreshing drink, like a shake or juice.


Fruit has traditionally played a significant role in the nation’s gift-giving culture. Samurais would bring tangerines or melons to the shogun, their leader, as a show of loyalty and respect in the fourteenth century. This mindset still persists today; however, the fruit might be considered as a vessel of gratitude, with the associated value serving as the most powerful symbol, rather than the fruit itself. A pricey piece of fruit may appear absurd, yet its value is derived from its suggested value. Another reason for the high cost of fruit in Japan is because it is so perfect. Farmers dedicate their lives to creating the perfect fruits, season after season, working endlessly to cultivate, harvest, inspect, and tweak until they achieve perfection.

Storage Instructions

You may store your melon in the refrigerator. Consume within 1 week.

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