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Hokkaido Scallops

Decadent Sea Delight


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Discover the culinary treasure of the sea, Hokkaido Scallops. Distinguished by their sweet, buttery flavor and succulent texture, these scallops are sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of Hokkaido, Japan offering a guilt-free indulgence for seafood aficionados.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Hokkaido Scallops exude a symphony of taste sensations- the aroma is suggestive of the tranquil Hokkaido waters. They offer a startlingly sweet taste that is vividly offset by a hint of the ocean’s saltiness. Upon tasting, a lusciously buttery flavor cascades on the palate; it’s an invigorating reminder of its divinely marine origin. An intricate blend of flavors that are as enchanting as their homeland. Their exquisite texture should not be forgotten- their firm yet tender flesh offers an almost paradoxical delight bearing a spoon-like roundness transferring the sensation of luxurious velvet. This supple texture is native to its breed, a tribute to the nutrient-rich environment of their disc-shaped homes.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • As an appetizer, serve these scallops raw or cooked with a delicate touch of citrusy zest, ushering a burst of freshness.
  • Hokkaido Scallops impart a rich essence to pasta dishes and risottos, making them a gastronomic delight.
  • For a light main course, grill or steam them with fresh herbs. Complement the sweet scallops with crisp white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or a Prosecco.

    The Saltwater Pearls of Hokkaido

The story of Hokkaido Scallops is as fascinating as their taste. Hokkaido, the northernmost region of Japan, promises clear, cool waters offering an ideal habitat for these scallops. They are a testament to traditional Japanese aquaculture practices, with their cultivation method dating back to the late 1800s. These scallops are iconic to Hokkaido, reflecting the region’s rich heritage in seafood, owing their distinct flavors to the fine terroir of clear waters, biodiversity, and nutrient-rich environment. Hokkaido Scallops are thus not just a seafood delicacy but a representative of a place, a craft, and a tradition that has been cherished for centuries.

Storage Instructions

To retain the freshness of Hokkaido Scallops, they should be stored at temperatures between 32-39°F. They are best kept in their original vacuum-sealed packaging, in a fridge in an airtight container, or tightly wrapped in plastic to minimize contact with air and prevent moisture loss. If freezing is required, ensure to wrap in moisture-proof, airtight packaging, although fresh scallops are always recommended for the best taste. Always check for signs of spoilage such as a fishy odor, sliminess, or discoloration, and discard if any signs are present. Remember to thaw them gently in a fridge if frozen.

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