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Caffe Karoma L’Espresso Moka 250g

The Taste of Authentic Italian Espresso

A sip of an Ital­ian espres­so leaves a pow­er­ful impres­sion that’s hard to for­get. Unlike Amer­i­can espres­so that has a more bal­anced, smooth and mild taste, Ital­ian espres­so is strong and intense with a creamy, almost burnt taste.


Brew the per­fect cup of authen­tic Ital­ian espres­so with Caffe Karo­ma L’Espresso Moka. 

A tra­di­tion­al Ital­ian blend of pre­mi­um Ara­bi­cas and Robus­ta roast­ed to the edge of char­ring, L’Espresso Moka Blend is an intense yet refined cup, high­ly aro­mat­ic with a sub­tle acid­i­ty. On the palate, every sip intro­duces notes of dark choco­late and toast­ed (almost smoked) hazel­nuts with a silky, lin­ger­ing aftertaste.

The rich, bold fla­vor of Caf­fee Karo­ma L’Espresso Moka also serves a beau­ti­ful affoga­to. Place a scoop of vanil­la or Mer­ry Moo Dark Choco­late Ice Cream and pour a shot of espres­so or fresh­ly pre­pared Moka brew right before serving.


While great used with any cof­fee mak­er, Caffe Karo­ma L’Espresso Moka was roast­ed to be brewed with an espres­so machine or an Ital­ian Moka pot.

Pre­pare and enjoy a cup of cof­fee any time of the day. The bold and intense qual­i­ty of Caffe Karo­ma L’Espresso Moka means we absolute­ly adore our morn­ing cof­fee brewed with this blend, paired with a slice of Makati Shangri-La’s Fresh­ly Baked Baguette and our Demi Sel La Barat­te Du Cremier.


Found­ed in 1986 by Sal­va­tore Fer­raioli, Caffe Karo­ma has made it their life’s work to bring the Ital­ian cof­fee cul­ture clos­er to the homes of cof­fee lovers all over the world. 

Vast­ly dif­fer­ent from the milder Amer­i­can espres­sos we, Fil­ipinos, have been used to, Ital­ian espres­so is most often a blend of Ara­bi­ca and Robus­ta green cof­fee roast­ed to almost the cusp of char­ring to attain a heavy body and smoky fla­vors typ­i­cal of an Ital­ian-style espres­so. Def­i­nite­ly a bold and intense expe­ri­ence you’ll come to enjoy.

Storage Instructions

Store your cof­fee in an opaque, odor-free, air­tight con­tain­er in a dry, dark place at a cool room tem­per­a­ture. It’s best to con­sume cof­fee grounds with­in two weeks.

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