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Merry Moo Ice Cream – Dark Chocolate Coco Sugar

Guilt-Free Cocoa Richness

Coco sug­ar brings under­tones of caramel to this rich dark choco­late ice cream from Mer­ry Moo. It’s sin­ful­ly creamy — but good for your blood sug­ar lev­els too.


Choco­late ice cream is a clas­sic. Dark choco­late ice cream is an ele­gant rein­car­na­tion. Dark choco­late ice cream enriched by caramelized Cota­ba­to coconut sug­ar is an entire­ly new dessert cat­e­go­ry all on its own. Mer­ry Moo uses non-UHT dairy to main­tain the fresh­est pos­si­ble taste in all their ice cream. With fla­vors rang­ing from updat­ed clas­sics to nos­tal­gic and exper­i­men­tal and fun, they’ve ele­vat­ed the stan­dard of arti­sanal cream­eries in the Philippines.


The dark, caramel­ly notes of this fla­vor from Mer­ry Moo is a stand-alone delight. Try it with toast­ed wal­nuts for a hint of smok­i­ness and crunch to the fla­vor, or pair a cup with a sweet, shiny fresh cher­ry. If milk­shakes call to you, dare that extra scoop or two — and add a splash of whisky or rum for that R‑18 kick.


It’s well-known that the cacao bean has a long his­to­ry, but it’s less com­mon knowl­edge that choco­late ice cream has been around for a long time too. Even longer than the more pop­u­lar clas­sic vanil­la. The first frozen choco­late recipe emerged in Naples, Italy in the late 1600s. Choco­late was a pop­u­lar hot drink in Europe at the time, and like cof­fee and tea, was often used to make desserts of the frozen and unfrozen variety.

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Store in freezer.

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