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Stefania Calugi Chips with White Truffle

Decadent. Earthy. Rustic.


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This beautiful snack hails from Florence, Italy and utilizes the very best potatoes and truffles from this region. Expect a flavorful snack experience unlike any other food item you have nibbled on before.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Stefania Calugi Tartufi was founded in Castelfiorentino, Florence in the 1980’s. They pride themselves on procuring and selling the very best truffles in Italy, and some of the best in the world. The chips with white truffle use the very best potatoes of the region and are cooked in sunflower oil. The sunflower oil has a unique flavor which is imparted on the potato chips. Aside from salt, a generous amount of white truffle is added to the mix. The addition of truffles elevates an otherwise normal snack into something decadent and flavorful. These wonderful chips are a great finger food when having a few light drinks with friends. They are great to share with loved ones, or consumed on your own. Whichever one chooses, they are delicious and will sure to be a hit on any occasion.


Stefania Calugi Chips with White Truffle are great on their own. They are salty, flavorful (thanks to the subtle hints of white truffle), and crispy. Expertly cooked in sunflower oil, they are the perfect snack for the special occasion featuring alcohol. Try pairing these with a beautiful bottle of G.D. Vajra Moscato D’Asti. The sweetness, lushness, and fruitiness will not only hold its own against the saltiness of the chips, but will act as a refresher between bites, preparing the palate for its next bite of truffle-infused goodness.

Stefania Calugi Tartufi - The Beginnings

Stefania Calugi Tartufi was founded by Stefania Calugi in the late 80’s in Castelfiorentino, Florence. The main aim of this company was to provide the very best ‘fruits of the earth’ that mother nature had to offer. And indeed they do. Farming or procuring the very best truffles and accompaniments, Stefania Calugi Tartufi is synonymous with quality and one of the most sought after brands in Florence.

Storage Instructions

The best way to keep chips fresh is to store them in a cool, dry place. If you can remove them from their original packaging and place them in an airtight resealable bag, that is the best option. Otherwise, you can purchase bag clips to help seal the chips in the original packaging. If storing in the same bag, remove excess air and make sure there are no rips or tears on the bag that will allow outside air in. Roll tightly to seal. Clip if necessary to keep air from coming in. The longer the chips remain open and exposed, the more that they are subjected to the surrounding air. It is that air that will cause the chips to become stale and will strip them of that fresh crunch and flavor that you want to maintain.

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