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Marinella Mozzarella di Latte di Buffala Frozen 200g

Elusive Italian Miracle

There’s moz­zarel­la — and then there’s buf­fa­lo moz­zarel­la. This deca­dent­ly creamy, fla­vor­ful cheese from the milk of the Ital­ian water buf­fa­lo is prac­ti­cal­ly the rea­son the word ​“mouth­feel” was invented.


Buf­fa­lo milk has twice the fat of cow milk, which gives this moz­zarel­la cheese its silky, creamy taste and tex­ture. It also has thir­ty per­cent more pro­tein, which cre­ates that dis­tinc­tive, deca­dent rich­ness. Buf­fa­lo moz­zarel­la sits between a sol­id and a liq­uid, between a yogurt and cot­tage cheese, or a heavy cream and ricot­ta — with a tangi­ness and sweet­ness all its own. It’s pil­lowy and dense, del­i­cate and the slight­est bit gamey, with a faint bounce to the touch that no oth­er cheese can mimic.


Pos­si­bly the most famous dish that uses Buf­fa­lo moz­zarel­la is the cap­rese sal­ad — a sim­ple assem­bly of sliced toma­to, fresh basil leaves, and the cheese, fin­ished with a driz­zle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. For a bit of sweet­ness, add sliced straw­ber­ries, chopped hazel­nut, and bal­sam­ic vine­gar. For a lit­tle crunch, work the com­bi­na­tion into a bruschet­ta. If you pre­fer some­thing warm, fry lit­tle pieces into aranci­ni or com­bine slices with ricot­ta in a hearty lasagna. Use it to ele­vate the clas­sic margheri­ta piz­za and you will not regret it. 

A small note from us ducks to you: our vari­ant comes frozen and needs to be thawed overnight in the fridge before serving.

When it comes to bev­er­ages, buf­fa­lo moz­zarel­la pairs well with both beers and wines. It’s best with white wines, as a con­trast to their inher­ent acid­i­ty. Try a Gre­co di Tufo, Sauvi­gnon Blanc, or Albar­iño such as Mar de Frades Albar­iño Atlanti­co Rias Baixas 2019. The sub­tle sweet­ness of a Mosca­to also makes a good pair for this creamy cheese. Red drinkers will love it with lighter, fruiti­er wines like Beau­jo­lais, Lam­br­us­co, or Valpo­li­cel­la — or our Speri Valpo­li­cel­la Clas­si­co (2018). Beer lovers will enjoy this del­i­cate cheese with bot­tom-fer­ment­ed lagers, pil­sners, or, for a bit of flo­ral spice, a Sai­son or Bel­gian Trappist.


It is some­times said in Italy that Han­ni­bal of Carthage used what is now the Ital­ian water buf­fa­lo to car­ry his war spoils back from Asia — a dubi­ous tale, but one that only adds to the myth of buf­fa­lo moz­zarel­la. The buf­fa­los pro­duce only a quar­ter of the milk that a reg­u­lar cow does, and have to be treat­ed with utmost care to do so. Some milk farm­ers admit to play­ing soft music, brush­ing, or sweet-talk­ing the ani­mals to coax them to let down their milk. Once this pre­cious resource is obtained, a tricky craft­ing process dif­fer­ent from that of oth­er cheeses can begin. The results are com­plete­ly worth it.

Storage Instructions

Store in freez­er. Defrost overnight in chiller or fridge before serving. 

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