Latteria Sorrentina Burrata Campana Frozen
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Latteria Sorrentina Burrata Campana Frozen 125g

The Ancient Cheese Tradition

Add an Ital­ian flare to sim­ple dish­es such as cap­rese or bruschet­ta, or more elab­o­rate dish­es using Lat­te­ria Sor­renti­na Burat­ta to fla­vor savory pies or first courses.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Bur­ra­ta is a fresh cow’s milk cheese made from spun paste , sim­i­lar to moz­zarel­la , but soft­er and sweet­er and is a typ­i­cal Ital­ian prod­uct. It looks like a wrap­ping of pas­ta fila­ta, but its main fea­ture comes out only after the first cut: the Cam­pa­nia bur­ra­ta in fact con­tains a creamy heart of strac­ciatel­la , the result of the mix between the frayed pas­ta of this cheese and the cream.


Bur­ra­ta is one of the dairy prod­ucts typ­i­cal of the Ital­ian tra­di­tion. Ide­al as a side dish or even as a first course accom­pa­nied by a sal­ad, the bur­ra­ta, a fresh cheese with a spun dough, with a soft and fil­a­men­tous con­sis­ten­cy, will suc­ceed in mak­ing you enjoy every sin­gle bite of your dishes.

Before serv­ing, defrost the bur­ra­ta overnight in your chiller or fridge.

For wine pair­ings, this cheese would make a won­der­ful part­ner to dessert wines such as Mosca­to D’Asti, aro­mat­ic white wines like Ries­ling, Gewurtz­tramin­er, Tor­rontĂ©s. A glass of your favorite Brut Cham­pagne such as Duval-Leo­ry Fleur de Cham­pagne Brut Pre­mier Cru would also work perfectly.

True to Ital­ian Cheese Tradition

The dairy prod­ucts of Lat­te­ria Sor­renti­na are those cheeses and dairy prod­ucts pro­duced in Italy that still, at present, suc­ceed in giv­ing taste to every dish and the authen­tic taste of the Ital­ian dairy tradition.

Born from the pas­sion for good food and gen­uine food, the dairy prod­ucts they make have always been the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of what they can give to cus­tomers: the best for their table and for their health.

Storage Instructions

Store in freez­er. Defrost overnight in chiller or fridge before serving.