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Lat Bri Ricotta 250g

Fresh Pillow-like Cheese

Ricot­ta is a fresh dairy prod­uct made from low fat whey that is eas­i­ly digestible and rich in cal­ci­um. It holds a creamy and com­pact con­sis­ten­cy with a fla­vor and aro­ma that is del­i­cate. It is ver­sa­tile and can be used for a vari­ety of deli­cious culi­nary pur­pos­es. Allow this rich soft cheese to grace your tables by get­ting your own fix. Did we men­tion it’s a dieter’s dream cheese due to it being low in fat and high in protein? 

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Ital­ian Fresh Ricot­ta is smooth and tastes mild­ly sweet. This cheese is ide­al­ly firm but not total­ly sol­id. Giv­en it is a fresh cheese, it is not aged and does not have the same tex­ture as that of dry cheeses like Parme­san or Manchego. It has more mois­ture locked in, not to men­tion light and very del­i­cate. It pro­duces a clean, smooth fla­vor that makes it a per­fect pair­ing part­ner to a num­ber of recipes, most espe­cial­ly in the Ital­ian cuisine. 


Ricot­ta is a pop­u­lar ingre­di­ent in many Ital­ian dish­es like man­i­cot­ti, cas­sa­ta, cheese­cake, cal­zone and ravi­o­li and dips, among oth­ers. It is com­mon­ly used a lasagna fill­ing and blends real­ly well with toma­to sauce. On the same note, it is added on top of piz­za to bring some fresh­ness to the dish. It is also suit­able as a sauce thick­en­er and occa­sion­al­ly added to soups. Some pre­fer to use ricot­ta as a sub­sti­tute to cream cheese, with a driz­zle of hon­ey and some black pep­per over toast for a quick brunch fix or mixed in with any in-sea­son fruit for an instant dessert. 

Fresh Ricot­ta pairs great with light-bod­ied wines like Sauvi­gnon Blanc. 

Ital­ian for Recooked

The word ​“Ricot­ta” trans­lates to ​“recooked” in Ital­ian. Mak­ing this cheese requires that milk be sep­a­rat­ed into two things — curds and the liq­uid. The liq­uid left behind is whey and is what makes up the entire­ty of ricot­ta. You can say that cheese is repur­posed and recooked this way. The whey is then heat­ed and mixed in with some form of cit­rus to allow it to coag­u­late. The curds formed in this process are then emp­tied into a cheese­cloth and strained. What is left would be the deli­cious soft fluffy white ricot­ta you enjoy today.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cov­ered con­tain­er, inside the fridge at 2 – 6°C

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