Beillevaire Barrate Butters

Excellence, the Traditional Way

Raw milk butters made with a traditional wooden churn to preserve both taste and supple texture. From the churn to your fridge, each oval bar remains a beautiful yellow color with delicate aromas.

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Beillevaire’s raw milk butters come from the cream of their local partner farms. The milk is allowed to mature for up to 48 hours before an hour of wooden churning. From there, the butter is hand-shaped into their signature ovals.

  • Doux – The unsalted version of this raw milk butter, with all of its fine, delicate aromas intact. (for pre-order)

  • Crunchy Demi-Sel – A variation on the Demi-Sel Butter, with additional large crystals of salt from the Island of Noirmoutier. (for pre-order)

  • Peppers of the World Butter – The punch of flavor in this butter comes from the addition of Olivier Roellinger’s Poivre des Mondes pepper mix, a blend of peppercorns from different parts of the world. (for pre-order)

  • Seaweed Butter – A butter with salty, nutty flavors thanks to salt from the Island of Noirmoutier and shredded bits of Dulse and sea lettuce—two delicious varieties of seaweed. (for pre-order)

  • Espelette Chili – A butter with a kick. Spicy colored notes of Espelette Chili brings out the flavor of salted butter and gives off an unmistakable smoky aroma (for pre-order)


From baking to spreading on toast, raw milk butter showcases the best flavors of the Loire region. We like to sample the entire collection with Makati Shangri-La’s fresh-baked breads, especially their baguettes and gigantic sourdough loaves!

Doux bars add a particular nuttiness to your baked goods. The Demi-Sel bars are especially delicious atop fresh-cooked steak. We recommend the Seaweed bar for your every seafood need, from basting grilled fish to making a finishing touch for whole seafood platters. And the Peppers of the World bar makes a great enhancer for goat cheese salads and next to anything that needs a peppery kick!


Beillevaire is one of the last French creameries that still uses the wooden churn and then hand-molds their butter into their signature oval shapes. A child of the Loire, Pascal Beillevaire strives to showcase the greatest qualities of the region and partners with only the best producers to ensure that his butters not only take their buyers to new culinary heights, but also showcase the breadth of French cultivation and tradition.


This product page, at any given point in time, can offer both pre-ordered variants/flavors and on-hand variant/ flavors of butter.

Shall you choose to avail on an EXPRESS DELIVERY butter variant, provided it is verified on-stock with our source after you have purchased, we will deliver to you the said variant on the date that it is expected. Shall you choose a pre-ordered butter variant, please note that this will follow the expected Wednesday cutoff and following Friday delivery. Like any pre-ordered item, this will only be available while the producer from overseas is able to supply and allow air-flown delivery. In case of delivery delays, delivery cancellations, “out of stock” notices, or “out of season” notices after purchase, you will be contacted by our Support Team. You will receive a refund or product replacement, or you can choose a new delivery date for your item.

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Refrigerate your butter immediately after it arrives, leaving it in its original wrapper. The foil/paper helps prevent spoilage that may result from exposure to light and air, as well as offering protection from the aromas and flavors of other foods in the refrigerator. Once opened, it has a 1-2 week shelf life in the refrigerator given its Barrate nature. This period can be prolonged past due date by freezing.

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