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Isigny Sainte-Mère Unsalted Butter Rolls AOP 250g

Grand Cru Butter of the Dairy World

Isigny But­ter holds an esteemed Appel­la­tion d’Origine Pro­tégée (AOP) sta­tus and is made in accor­dance with tra­di­tions, and exclu­sive­ly from the milks of Isigny terroir. 

Notes from the Curator

Dri­ven by tra­di­tion and com­mit­ment to qual­i­ty, Insigny takes pride in stick­ing to tra­di­tion. Noth­ing is added or tak­en away from the but­ter. It is always made with the best tra­di­tion­al creams of Isigny (matured for 16 to 18 hours). It is famous for its gold­en but­ter­cup colour and its dis­tinc­tive notes of milk. Despite being unsalt­ed, it’s taste pro­file is of hazel­nut fla­vors and is very creamy. It main­tains a flex­i­ble, fine and elas­tic tex­ture. Loaded with vit­a­min A. 


Isigny Sainte-Mère but­ter is a great must-have when cook­ing. Flex­i­bly used in a vari­ety of dish­es, it can also be enjoyed by pas­try chefs as this but­ter is easy to work with. Feel like a chef in your own home with the exquis­ite fla­vor of Isigny Sainte-Mère but­ter at your reach. 

Pre­ferred by the World’s Great­est Chefs

The world’s great­est chefs have tra­di­tion­al­ly had a soft spot for Isigny Sainte-Mère but­ter. For good rea­son, too, since this but­ter is both silky and sup­ple. It remains sta­ble when used for cook­ing which great­ly mat­ters to a chef! It ben­e­fits from an excep­tion­al ter­roir, which extends from one end of the Cotentin penin­su­la to the Bessin area — -a warm, tem­per­ate cli­mate by the sea favours rich pas­tures in which the grass is full of min­er­al salts and trace elements. 

This nat­ur­al abun­dance can be found in the milk, which gives a dis­tinc­tive but­ter that has a unique per­fume, sup­ple­ness and colour. It is no sur­prise that the milk from which Isigny Sainte-Mère but­ter is made from is described as the Grand Cru” of the dairy world and is high­ly estab­lished internationally. 

Storage Instructions

But­ter arrives frozen as this pro­longs shelf life. Keep cold and take out when need­ed to be served or used for cooking.