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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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A5 Japanese Wagyu Braison Steak

Delectable and moist


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Another excellent cut from the round, this wonderful steak delivers flavor and juiciness to a high degree. As it is from the round, it is a little tough and is excellent in stews and braised. Slow cooking this cut will really give your cooker time to break down those connective tissues and tenderize these steaks.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

As this is A5 Japanese Wagyu the quality of the meat is excellent. From the texture of the meat, to the color, to the marbling - this steak holds flavor and moistness unseen in other cuts of meat. While this is wagyu (A5 to boot), one should not simply throw this on the grill and serve it medium rare, unless one is looking for an intense jaw exercise. Braison steak comes from the round of the cow, meaning this muscle is used extensively by the cow over the course of their life. What this means is that the meat from this area is a lot harder and needs a longer time to break down the connective tissues that make this meat tougher. This is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it promote inferior quality. The meat is flavorful, and can melt in your mouth, but requires longer cooking times in order to get to that point.

Cooking and Pairing

This cut works perfectly. Not only will the outer layer caramelize beautifully adding texture and flavor, but the juices of the meat (which wagyu is famous for) add moistness to the meat and promote character in the resulting drippings (which can be made into an excellent gravy). Simply coat each steak in salt and pepper, sear quickly to lock in the juices, and roast until tender. Pair this steak with the excellent Chateau Loudenne Médoc. The intensity and spiciness of this wine will certainly hold its own against the flavorfulness of the meat.

Juicy, Tenderness By The Numbers

This beautiful meat is given the A5 standard by Japanese grading authorities. But what does ‘A5’ actually mean, aside from the meat surpassing excellent? The letter stands for the amount of usable meat that comes from the cow. A meaning superior, B - average, and C - inferior. This doesn’t really have any impact on the consumer, but rather the suppliers themselves. The number is a little more important for the consumer, however. It is ranked from 3 to 5: 3 meaning the meat conforms to standards, essentially meeting all the criteria, while 5 means superior, exceeding all set standards.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of A5 Wagyu comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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