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Sabarot Whole Porcini from France (Frozen)

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Convenience and practicality reign supreme with Sabarot’s Whole Frozen Porcinis, giving you the option of deliciously rich and meaty mushrooms year-round.


We know how tedious it is to crave French Porcini mushrooms, but then having to wait until they’re in season to be able to get any. But Sabarot has found a solution to that: frozen whole Porcini mushrooms.

Resembling Champagne corks, Porcini mushrooms have fat stems with wide caps. It has a brown exterior that gives way to a white flesh that is chewy and meaty. They’re aromatic and rich, with a nutty, earthy flavor.


Sabarot Whole Porcinis from France are perfect with red meats, like steaks, or braised lamb shanks. You can also include them in your omelets and sandwiches, or sauté them quickly to add into soups, pastas, broths, and risottos.


This mushroom’s official (Latin) name is Boletus edulis, but they’re most commonly known as Porcini. That name is Italian, and means “little pigs,” or “piglets,” and was a term that used by Ancient Romans. Other names for them are “king bolete,” and “penny buns” in English. In French, they’re called “ceps” or “cèpes,” and in German, they’re called “steinpilz,” which means “stone mushroom.”

Storage Instructions

Immediately store frozen vegetables in your freezer. The temperature must read -18C or 0F to preserve the quality. Unopened, it will last 24 months.

Once opened, take what you need, and return the rest into the freezer immediately, sealing the bag tightly, and pressing out the air. Ideally (especially when the bag is not resealable), transfer your frozen vegetables into freezer-safe resealable bags, and press out the air before restoring. It will last 8-10 months.

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