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Pinkie's Farm Espresso Milk

A kick of caffeine

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Made with the same pasteurized grass-fed cow’s milk that all their dairy consists of, the Pinkie’s Farm Espresso Milk stands out with its addition of full flavor Batangueño Barako coffee.


Pinkie’s Farm is a single-origin dairy in Lipa, Batangas that offers fresh, non-homogenized milk, packaged in glass bottles. This Espresso Milk consists of their delicious and creamy full cream milk, with a little added sugar, and the full flavor of Batangueño Barako coffee. If you love coffee, you’ll definitely love this stronger version of their coffee milk.


Pinkie’s Farm Espresso Milk tastes just like melted coffee ice cream. It’s a delightful way to start your day. It is so good, and so delicious, you’ll definitely want it as a refrigerator staple.

  • If you want to liven it up a bit, why not make a version of CafĂ© LiĂ©geois with Espresso Milk?
  • In a glass, pour some Pinkie’s Farm Espresso Milk (don’t fill it up!)
  • Mix in ÂĽ tsp vanilla extract
  • Add 1-2 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream (of coffee ice cream, if you want it with extra coffee flavor)
  • Top your drink with some whipped cream
  • Drizzle some chocolate syrup
  • Enjoy!


Introduced by Spanish friars to the Philippines in the 1740s, Barako coffee was originally planted in the lowlands of Batangas. The area is now locally known for its coffee. Barako coffee was so good, that the Philippines became one of the top four producers of coffee in the world in the 1880s, and the coffee commanded such high and competitive prices for its export. But when the coffee rust affected the Philippines in 1889, the country’s coffee industry collapsed. When coffee demand returned in the 20th century, barako, because of how difficult it is to cultivate, took a back seat to other varieties. Thankfully, recent years have seen a surge in interest in reviving and conserving the barako industry.

Storage Instructions

This milk is all-natural, and contains no preservatives. It must be placed in the refrigerator immediately upon receipt, as heat could accelerate spoilage. It will last 7 days, unopened. But once opened, must be consumed within 2 days.

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