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Michel Cluizel Chocolates – Premier Cru Collection

Single-Origin Exclusives

Each dark choco­late bar from this award-win­ning col­lec­tion by Michel Cluizel comes from cacao beans of spe­cif­ic plan­ta­tions around the world. Com­bined with the company’s sig­na­ture Bour­bon vanil­la pods and a play­ful com­bi­na­tion of under­ly­ing tast­ing notes, each bar is as unique as the soil the cocoa plants sprung from.


Each plan­ta­tion Michel Cluizel sources his cacao from brings a unique fruity under­tone to his choco­late bars. 

  • Straight out of Mada­gas­car, Plan­ta­tion Man­garo Noir 65% bars com­bine the scents of gin­ger­bread spices and exot­ic fruits. 
  • Mex­i­co-sourced Plan­ta­tion Mokaya Noir 66% bars com­bine pow­er­ful cocoa notes with fresh and dried fruit fin­ish­es. This also notably an award-win­ning bar that bagged Gold in the Euro­pean 2018 Organ­ic Cat­e­go­ry and Sil­ver in the 2018 Over­all Euro­pean Cat­e­go­ry at The Inter­na­tion­al Choco­late Awards 
  • Hail­ing from São Tomé, Plan­ta­tion Vila Gracin­da 67% bar offers roast­ed, herb-and-spice notes with lin­ger­ing tastes of licorice and trop­i­cal fruit. 
  • From the Domini­can Repub­lic, Plan­ta­tion Los Anconès Noir 67% bars con­tain notes of licorice wood, red berries, and green olives, fin­ish­ing with dried cur­rants and apricot. 
  • Plan­ta­tion La Lagu­na Noir 70% bars are sourced from the moun­tain­ous Alta Ver­a­paz for­est in Guatemala and com­bine notes of plum, roast­ed cocoa, but­tery apple, licorice, trop­i­cal pep­per, and mint.
  • From Brazil, Plan­ta­tion Riachue­lo Noir 70% bars har­mo­nize grilled cocoa, dried fruit, and berries with bit­ter-sweet notes, end­ing in a del­i­cate­ly spiced caramel finish.


Whether you take your dark choco­late as a fin­ish for a savory meal — an added depth to any spiced dish — or as an indul­gent dessert, Michel Cluizel’s Pre­mier Cru Selec­tion will not dis­ap­point you. Try any of the Noir 70% bars with a strong blue cheese to enhance their more del­i­cate under­tones. Aged semi-hard cheeses bring out the nut­ti­er notes in all dark choco­late, while soft cow, sheep, or goat milk cheeses work as creamy ves­sels for all sorts of hid­den choco­late fla­vors. A glass of nut­ty-sweet Chi­anti or port-style red wines such as Mal­bec, Zin­fan­del, and Petit Sir­ah will only enhance your experience. 


The Cluizel family’s affair with choco­late began in Nor­mandy in 1947, when pas­try chefs Marc and Mar­celle Cluizel decid­ed to ven­ture into this line of con­fec­tion. Their son Michel took their inter­est a step fur­ther and, in 1987, opened the now-famous La Fontaine du Choco­lat on the Rue Saint Hon­oré in Paris. He insist­ed on only the best qual­i­ty sug­ar cane and Bour­bon vanil­la pods in his prod­ucts, and even­tu­al­ly began part­ner­ing with cacao plan­ta­tions around the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

Storage Instructions

Store your choco­lates in a cool, dark place, ide­al­ly between 18 to 24°C. You can use the refrig­er­a­tor, but place the choco­late in an air­tight con­tain­er to keep the mois­ture and humid­i­ty out — and retain its full range of fla­vors, of course!

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