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Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur

Smooth and sharp


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Made with an original recipe from the founder, the Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur has an iconic bottle, and smooth, sharp flavors.


This liqueur is made with original recipe, the one Girolamo Luxardo formulated in 1821. It’s made with Luxardo Marasca cherries harvested at the start of summer, then infused for three years in alcohol, and leaves and branches from the same trees. They are then distilled in traditional copper stills, and has an ABV 32%.

It has a crystal-clear color, and put in green bottles housed in straw—a recognizable classic. It gives aromas of strong alcohol, with notes of roasted nuts. On the palate, it’s smooth and sharp, with flavor notes of dark chocolate, orange marmalade, and vanilla. It has a white chocolate and cherry finish. It’s vegan-friendly, kosher, and GMO-free.


The Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur is great to use in cocktails like a Cherry Martinez, a Colonial Cocktail, or a Hemingway Special. You can also enjoy it neat, as an after-dinner treat. Drizzle it over fruits; it’s especially great with pineapples, oranges, and strawberries.


In 1821, Girolamo Luxardo founded his distillery to make “Rosolio Maraschino,” a Dalmatian liqueur that his wife, Maria, wanted to perfect. And they did perfect it, and this Maraschino liqueur became an important ingredient in cocktails everywhere. It also gave birth to other products, like their Cherry Liqueur and their Original Maraschino Cherries.

But World War II severely affected Luxardo distillery, with bombings and fights happening often and everywhere. The distillery itself, along with the city of Zara, Dalmatia, was almost completely destroyed. The majority of the surviving people fled to countries nearby, including some of the Luxardos. Sadly, three of them were killed by invaders.

The survivors escaped to Italy, bringing literally nothing with them. After more than a century, it seemed to signal the end of Luxardo. But in 1947, Giorgio Luxardo rehabilitated and rebirthed the distillery, this time in Torreglia, in North East Italy.

Today, the distillery is at its seventh generation of Luxardo leadership. Girolamo’s legacy lives on in both his descendants, and his products.

Storage Instructions

Store your bottle upright in a cool, dark place, ideally between 12 and 15°C. Unopened bottles can last for an indefinite amount of time, but the closer you get to the bottom third of the bottle, please consume quickly to prevent oxidation and taste alteration.

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