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Lat Bri Mascarpone Cheese

Classic Italian flavor


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This classic Italian cream cheese from Lat Bri is gorgeously spreadable, with a wonderful sweet and tangy flavor. It’s great for both savory and sweet dishes.


The Lat Bri Mascarpone cheese has all the classic and traditional flavors of mascarpone that we love. It’s milky white, with a spreadable consistency. A delicious Italian cream cheese, it’s fresh-tasting, with subtle sweetness and acidity.


Mascarpone cheese can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. You can add it into cream-based sauces to make them extra creamy. You can spread it on its own on toast or bagels. You can also use it in various desserts, like cheesecakes, frostings, and of course, the classic Italian dessert—tiramisu.


This classic cream cheese finds its origins in Lombardy, an Italian region between Lodi and Abbiategrasso, just south of Milan. It’s thought to have originated in either the late 16th, or early 17th century.

The name, mascarpone, is said to have been derived from the word “mascarpa,” which is a milk product made from the whey of a young cheese called stracchino. Mascarpa has little to no relation to mascarpone as a product, though. Another theory is that it’s derived from “mascarpia,” a word that means “ricotta” in the local dialect, although ricotta is made with milk as opposed to cream like mascarpone.

Storage Instructions

Store in the fridge. Consume within 5 days after opening.

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