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Santa Ana Gin

Smooth as jazz


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A gin with nostalgia and Manila culture at its core, the Santa Ana Gin is delicate, with fresh tropical notes. It goes down smooth and velvety.


The Santa Ana Gin was partially vacuum distilled in the Charente Region of France, where this technique has been mastered. It extracts concentrations of botanical aromas without degrading it with heat. The distillation of the Santa Ana Gin begins with the classic gin botanicals: juniper, coriander, bitter orange, orris root, angelica root, and fennel. The wonderful qualities of what they call, “The Philippine Four,” are then added—ylang-ylang, Alpinia, calamansi, and dalandan.

The result is a multi-sensorial experience—delicate and floral, with a wonderful elegance. It’s fresh and floral on the palate, smooth and velvety, with tropical citrus notes. The Santa Ana Gin has an ABV of 42.3%.


A deliciously masterful gin, the Santa Ana Gin is great to enjoy plain, on the rocks. It’s also brilliant to use in a variety of cocktails. Use it for a classic Gin & Tonic, using our Fentimans Naturally Light Tonic Water. You can also combine it with vermouth for a martini, or make a negroni or a Tom Collins.


Manila in the 1920s was the tropical setting for the Art Deco Movement in the country, with the Santa Ana Cabaret at its front and center. It was here that the rich and affluent—Manileños and Americans alike, gathered to dine and dance. A playground of music and fun, they grooved to blues and jazz, tearing up the dance floor with the tango, the Charleston, and the waltz. Surrounded by lively energy and eclectic décor, it was the crown jewel of 1920’s Manila.

This nostalgia for a bygone time birthed the Santa Ana Gin, a drink as smooth and lively as its inspiration. The combination of its visual design, its fragrances, and its flavors will catapult you to a cabaret from decades past, with “the best dance music in the Orient.”

Storage Instructions

Store your bottle of gin upright in a cool, dark place, ideally between 13 and 16°C. Higher temperatures will affect its flavor and alter its taste. If you prefer to drink your gin cold all the time, you may keep it in the freezer, as its ABV percentage prevents it from freezing. Unopened bottles can last for an indefinite amount of time, but the closer you get to the bottom third of the bottle, please consume quickly to prevent oxidation and taste alteration.

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