Fresh Corsican Clementines from France

A Sweet Wintery Snack


A cross between mandarin and orange, the clementine arrived in Corsica from Algeria and has been grown on the island ever since. This fruit has been IGP-protected since 2007, a testament to the exclusivity and expertise of its island growers.

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The eastern coast of Corsica is where these clementines are grown. The low temperatures in this part of the island limit the accumulation of sugar in the fruit, imparting its signature balanced acidity and sweetness. This is also what creates that signature orange-red coloration and its lack of pips. Clementines are sold with their leaves attached, the slender shape of them part a classic way to identify this citrus fruit.


The Corsican clementine is a true winter fruit and, in candied form, has earned a beloved place among traditional Provençal Christmas desserts. Fresh, it pairs very well with an array of snackable options. Dip it in melted dark chocolate or enjoy it in between segments of a delectable bar from our Michel Cluizel Chocolates – Premier Cru Collection. Nutella spread is another option. It is also lovely in a bowl of tangy Greek yogurt—or with a helping of cottage or ricotta cheese. On a charcuterie board with salami, prosciutto, and speck, the salt from the meats will compliment the sweet lightness of the clementine segments. For a breakfast change, try a few segments of clementine and almond slices with your morning oatmeal.


All the way back in 1892, the botanist Louis Charles Trabut noticed the first hybrids of the tangerine flower and pollen from orange trees in Oran, Algeria. They were found in the plant nursery of a monk named Father Clément. Trabut christened the fruit in his honor and wrote an article about it in the Revue horticole française. A few decades later, in 1925, Don Philippe Semidei of Figareto, Corsica, brought back saplings and seeds to his island home. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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Clementines require well-ventilated storage and cool temperatures away from direct sunlight. You can place them on the counter or table in a wire or wooden basket. Don’t use a sealed container, as this can hasten the spoiling process. At room temperature, they will last up to 3 days. If you decide to store your fruit in the fridge, place them in the crisper, with or without a mesh bag. They’ll keep for up to two weeks.

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