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Sarasa Trout Salmon Fillet (Frozen)

Best for sushi and sashimi


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This Sarasa Trout Salmon Fillet comes from Gifu, Japan, and is ready to consume. It’s tender in texture, mild in flavor, and great for sushi and sashimi.


One of the best farmed fish in Japan, this Sarasa Trout Salmon Fillet comes from the Gifu Prefecture, and is boneless and skinless. It’s also sashimi-grade, making it safe (and great) to eat raw. The Sarasa Trout Salmon is a popular fish because it doesn’t have a fishy smell, and it has a tender flesh, and a mild flavor.


Enjoy the Sarasa Trout Salmon Fillet (which arrives to you frozen) as sashimi on its own. You can also add some ginger-citrus-soy dressing with hot sesame oil to your raw Sarasa Trout Salmon sashimi for a little extra zing. You can also have it with ponzu sauce. Pair with rosé, sake, white wine, or even vodka.


A classic and iconic Japanese delicacy, sashimi usually consists of thinly sliced pieces of fresh raw fish or meat. Although many non-Japanese people often confuse the words “sashimi” and “sushi,” or even use them interchangeably, they are, in fact, different. Raw fish is an ingredient in both, but sushi refers to dishes made with vinegared rice. While sashimi is always served as is, on its own.

“Sashimi” means “pierced body,” with “sashi” meaning pierced or stuck, and “mi” meaning body or flesh. There are two possible origins to the word. The first is that it might have come from the practice of sticking the fish’s fin or tail into the slices in order to help the consumer identify what they are eating. Another possibility could pertain to a traditional harvesting method, the “ikejime” process, which involves piercing the fish’s brain with a sharp spike immediately as it is caught, and placing it on shaved ice. The immediate death prevents the fish from obtaining too much lactic acid, and will therefore keep fresh on ice for longer.

Storage Instructions

Arrives frozen. Once thawed, it must be consumed within 48 hours.

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