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Abondance Fermière AOC

The Alpine Heritage Cheese


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Abondance Fermière AOC is a celebrated heritage cheese from the French Alps, known for its rich, complex taste profile. This prestigious AOC-certified cheese elicits a symphony of aromatic and nutty flavors, elevated by a hint of fruit and flowers.

Tasting notes of the curator

Abondance Fermière AOC’s richness is derived from its distinct feature: the raw milk from the Abondance breed of cows. Processed in small batches and aged for a minimum of three months, this cheese develops an indulgently smooth and creamy texture with a slightly firm consistency. It unveils a complex array of flavors that coalesce into an intricate dance on your palate. From aromatic and nutty undertones to softer notes of fruit and flowers, this cheese is a testament to the artistry and precision involved in traditional cheese making. The raw, unpasteurized nature of the milk used instils a certain raw authenticity into the flavors, setting this cheese apart in its class.

Pairings and Suggestions

  • Enjoy Abondance Fermière AOC with slices of crusty bread for a simple, yet divine snack.
  • Pair it with dried fruits and nuts to accentuate the cheese’s nutty overtones.
  • Add it to a charcuterie board alongside cured meats and sausages for an enticing balance of flavors.
  • Incorporate it into gratins, fondues, or quiches for a luxurious depth of flavor.

    A Historical Delight: The Monks’ Legacy

    Abondance Fermière AOC’s origin dates back to the 12th century, when it was first made by monks in the Abondance valley. The cheese gets its name from the breed of cows indigenous to the valley, who have adapted to graze even in the challenging, mountainous terrains of the French Alps. This has a direct influence on the taste of the cheese, a little anecdote that can instill charm into your next dinner conversation.

Storage Instructions

Keep Abondance Fermière AOC refrigerated at a temperature of around 4-8°C. Wrap the cheese in wax or cheese paper, allowing it to breathe while being stored. To serve, allow it to come to room temperature for the optimum taste experience. You can slice it or cut it into wedges as per your preference.

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