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The Eurovanille Bourbon Vanilla Paste is made with hand-selected Madagascar beans, and has a beautifully bright and bold flavor, and wonderful aroma.


Made from ground vanilla, invert sugar, water, and gum tragacanth (a natural thickening agent), this vanilla paste has the same qualities as vanilla pods, but much easier to work with. With a rich aroma, an even texture, and strong, bright, and bold flavor, this is the perfect alternative to vanilla bean pods.


This time-saver is very versatile; use it the same way you would vanilla pods. Use it for your cakes, muffins, flans, in your frostings, in your cocktails, and coffee.

You can make a creamy alternative to hot chocolate, too! Hot vanilla is milky and flavorful, but so rich and delicious—not plain at all! And it’s so easy to do. In a saucepan, heat up your milk of choice and some honey until hot and simmering (not boiling!). Remove it from heat, and stir in your Eurovanille Bourbon Vanilla Paste, plus some cinnamon and nutmeg if you wish. Whip until foamy. Pour into your favorite mug, and top with either whipped cream or marshmallows (or both!). Enjoy!


Vanilla paste is basically a blend of vanilla bean powder and vanilla extract, and contains actual seeds from the pods. It was introduced in the 1990s, and has a richer and more intense taste than extract. It also usually has noticeable little flecks from the ground pods in them.

Vanilla extract and vanilla paste can essentially be used interchangeably, having the same uses and the same workability. But which to use, when? Vanilla paste is ideal when you want those little flecks to be noticed, such as in custards, ice cream, cheesecakes, or milkshakes. Vanilla extract disappears visually into a recipe, so it’s ideal for things like chocolate cakes, cookies, etc.

Storage Instructions

Vanilla paste will last for up to 3 years when stored in a cool, dark environment, like a kitchen cupboard. Do not refrigerate; this will cause condensation to form on the container and spoil the vanilla.

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