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Ninben Katsuo Pack (Bonito Flakes)

Paper-thin flakes of flavor


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Also known as katsuobushi or bonito flakes, the Ninben Katsuo Pack is ready to use, and made with quality bonito. It’s great as both ingredients, and as garnish.
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Bonito flakes, or katsuobushi, are made from slapjack tuna, or “bonito.” The bonito is filleted and simmered, then smoked. Then, it is fermented and sundried for around several months, after which the slabs are shaved into paper-thin flakes. our Ninben Katsuo Pack comes straight from Japan, and is dried, and ready to eat and use. Katsuobushi has a deep umami flavor, mildly slaty and slightly fishy, with smoky, meaty, savory notes.


Ninben Katsuo (Bonito Flakes) is commonly used to make traditional kombu dashi (soup stock). It’s also used as garnish, seasoning, or topping for eggs, rice, vegetables, noodles, and tofu. You can also use it as filling for onigiri, or as ingredient for okonomiyaki, soups, stir-fry, and casseroles. And don’t worry, it is also acceptable to eat bonito flakes on their own, straight out of the bag.


Ninben has been producing katsuobushi, or bonito flakes, for nearly 300 years, beginning as a modest market stand in Edo’s Nihonbashi neighborhood. Ninben katsuobushi flakes are made the old-fashioned way, with smoked and koji-fermented katsuo (aka Skipjack Tuna) caught off Japan’s Pacific coast seas. Ninben is so confident in its katsuobushi’s excellence that they’ve developed a small chain of “dashi bars” where they serve basic, simply ornamented modern and traditional dashi soups made with Ninben katsuobushi.

Storage Instructions

Store your katsuobushi in an airtight, resealable container or bag. Keep in a cool and dry area; consume within 6 months.

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