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Crème Fraîche D'Isigny PDO

Creme of the crop


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This PDO-certified Crème Fraîche from the French village of Isigny is smooth, silky, and made with only the best milk
Normandy Northwest of France


This incredible PDO (Protected Domination of Origin) certified crème fraiche is made with only the best milk from cows fed almost exclusively on grass, and live in open air. The village of Isigny has a great climate and lush pastures, allowing the cows to produce truly superior milk. The Crème Fraîche D’Isigny is made in the traditional way, and goes through a long and slow ripening period.

It has a rich ivory color, very aromatic, and is smooth and silky in texture. Its flavor is delicate and rounded, with full, nutty notes.


When the sea retreated in the 16th century, one of Europe’s largest wetlands, Isigny, was left with a rich clay soil. This soil allowed the greenest of grass to grow plentifully, giving dairy farmers in the region an abundance of incredibly fine milk, rich in mineral salts and trace elements.

Isigny Sainte-Mère was a cooperative established in 1909 in the Manche departement, and which merged in 1980 with Isigny-Sur-Mer, which operated in nearby Calvados from 1932. They combined with an ambition to ensure quality and to remain faithful to traditional methods, in respect to both the terroir and the people.

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