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Maison Bellanger 8 Macarons Box

Gourmet macarons with flavours from around the world


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Discover the unique flavors of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France) Maison Bellanger's 8 Macarons Box. This exquisite selection of macarons is made with the finest ingredients from all over the world, offering a truly unique tasting experience. Enjoy two crunchy shells and a melting and fresh heart in each bite.

Tasting notes of the Curator

Maison Bellanger’s 8 Macarons Box is a delightful collection of gourmet macarons with flavors as original as they are delicious. Each macaron is crafted with two crunchy shells that give way to a light and melting heart. The box includes eight different flavors, each one more exquisite than the last: Chocolat Banane, Chocolat du Brésil, Citron de Menton, Framboise, Yuzu, Mojito, Passion and Café.

  • The Chocolat Banane flavor features a ganache made with milk chocolate and flambĂ©ed banana for an indulgent treat.
  • The Chocolat du BrĂ©sil flavor features a ganache made with dark Brazilian chocolate for an intense flavor experience.
  • The Citron de Menton flavor features a fine cream made with lemon from Menton for a refreshing taste.
  • The Framboise flavor features a light cream made with raspberries for an intense fruity taste.
  • The Yuzu flavor features a light and compote cream made with yuzu for an exotic twist.
  • The Mojito flavor features a light cream made with lemon, mint and rum for an exciting combination of flavors.
  • The Passion flavor features a light cream made with passion fruit and passion heart for an exotic sweetness.
  • Finally, the CafĂ© flavor features moka Yirgacheffe coffee cream for an intense coffee aroma.

Pairings and Suggestions

Maison Bellanger’s 8 Macarons Box can be enjoyed at any time of day as part of breakfast or dessert or even as part of afternoon tea or coffee break! They also make great gifts or party favors - perfect for any special occasion! For those looking to pair their macarons with something else, try pairing them with champagne or sparkling wine to bring out their delicate sweetness or enjoy them alongside your favorite cup of tea or coffee to bring out their intense aromas!

A Story of Passion & Dedication

The story behind Maison Bellanger began in 1982 when Jacques Bellanger became Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the category of Pastry and Confectionery Chef while working at BĂ©line chocolate factory in Le Mans. In 1998, Jacques and his wife Maryse bought the chocolate factory and its charming store in the city center, place saint Nicolas.

Today, Maison Bellanger is an incredible team of 50 pastry chefs, confectioners, chocolatiers, salesmen and more who work every day to make their delicacies come alive. The Bellanger house is a story of passion, transmission and high standards at every moment.

Storage Instructions

Maison Bellanger’s 8 Macarons Box can be kept for up to 3 days in the bottom of your refrigerator. We recommend that you take them out 15 minutes before tasting to fully enjoy their texture and flavor.