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Pierre Hermé Signature Chocolates

The best in a box


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An assortment of the most delectable of Pierre Hermé’s chocolates, made with the best ingredients and with time-tested expert methods.


Pierre Hermé chocolates are known everywhere as some of the best in the world. Using only meticulously selected ingredients to ensure only the best flavors and textures, they are produced in Paris using artisanal methods, patisserie expertise, and time-tested techniques.

The Pierre Hermé Signature Chocolates is a box of 13 of their best chocolates. In it are a combination of 64% dark chocolates, and 45% milk chocolates.

  • Flora – Corsican Nepeta ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Ampa – pure origin Madagascan dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Infiniment PralinĂ© Noisette – hazelnut praline, almond paste, dark chocolate coating
  • Makassar – salted-butter caramel mousse ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Infiniment Citron – lemon paste, lemon ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Infiniment CafĂ© Iapar Rouge du BrĂ©sil – Iapar Rouge du BrĂ©sil coffee ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Infiniment chocolat BĂ©lize – pure origin Belizean dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate coating
  • Infiniment Pamplemousse – grapefruit ganache, grapefruit paste, dark chocolate coating
  • Mogador – passionfruit and milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate coating
  • Hommage – milk chocolate and chestnut ganache, pear fruit paste, milk chocolate coating
  • Ouvre-toi – sesame praline, sesame nougatine, milk chocolate coating
  • Mathilda – almond praline, lemon zest, roasted almond slivers, milk chocolate coating
  • Infiniment Chocolat au Lait – caramelized milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate coating


The perfect pick-and-choose box for a little sweetness at the end of a savory meal. But of course, you can enjoy the Pierre Hermé Signature Chocolates at any time of the day! Have it with a cup of gourmet coffee, or a nice black tea.


Pierre Hermé is a fourth-generation pastry chef, from a family of Alsatian bakers. He left Alsace to begin his career with Gaston Lenôtre at the age of 14, to which he still credits his foundations and skills. He continued on to work for Fauchon and Ladurée before founding Maison Pierre Hermé Paris in 1998.

The year 2016 was big for him, being voted Best Pastry Chef in the World by the Academy of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, being named fourth in the 50 Most Influential French People by Vanity Fair, and entering the Petit Larousse. He has been dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry” for his artful way of creating and designing his delicacies.

Pierre Hermé is not only the person behind the delectable desserts, but it is also a brand. And it is one that boasts hard work, never-ending curiosity, knowledge and bravery to revolutionize the world of pastry.

Storage Instructions

Store your chocolates in a cool, dark place, ideally between 18 to 24°C. You can use the refrigerator, but place the chocolate in an airtight container to keep the moisture and humidity out—and retain its full range of flavors, of course!

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