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Proper Crisps Kumara

Deliciously sweet


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Proper Crisps has done it again with their Kumara Crisps. Kumara, the Maori word for sweet potato, is used in this delicious snack and mixed with sunflower oil and Marlborough sea salt.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Simplicity is the name of the game with this delicious sweet potato snack. Proper Crisps uses three Kumara variants - Orange (Beureguard), Red (Owairaka), and Gold (Toka Toka). These are sliced thinly and cooked in delicious sunflower oil, which is as tasty as it is healthy. Lastly, the cooked kumara are tossed lightly in Marlborough sea salt and then packed. The sweetness of the potato is allowed to shine unfettered by other flavors. It is perfectly contrasted by the slight saltiness of the sea salt.


Let’s face it, one doesn’t automatically associate wine with sweet potato chips, or any chip for that matter. But wine is an excellent partner to these delicious snacks, and can transform an ordinary snack into something far more pleasant. The perfect match for Proper Crisps Kumara chips is a Pinot Noir. Our recommendation is the pleasantly surprising Villard Expressión Reserve Pinot Noir. This deliciously fruity wine is quite light and will complement the light tones and saltiness of the kumara perfectly. It is refreshing and slightly acidic with a nice sweetness that really makes it the perfect partner for a sweet potato.

Behind the Scenes

Not only is Proper Crisps known for the quality and for being 100% natural, but they’ve also received numerous awards for outstanding food producer. They have been awarded various medals and trophies for their chips over the years.

Storage Instructions

The best way to keep chips fresh is to store them in a cool, dry place. If you can remove them from their original packaging and place them in an airtight resealable bag, that is the best option. Otherwise, you can purchase bag clips to help seal the chips in the original packaging. If storing in the same bag, remove excess air and make sure there are no rips or tears on the bag that will allow outside air in. Roll tightly to seal. Clip if necessary to keep air from coming in. The longer the chips remain open and exposed, the more that they are subjected to the surrounding air. It is that air that will cause the chips to become stale and will strip them of that fresh crunch and flavor that you want to maintain.

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