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French Cultural Heritage

One of France’s old­est cheeses, the ori­gins of Pont L’eveque Cheese AOC (pro­nounced pohn-leh-veck) traces back to 12th cen­tu­ry Cîteaux monas­ter­ies in France. Achiev­ing AOC sta­tus in 1976, it is a renowned cheese from Nor­mandy, known for its square shape, cross-hatched gold­en rind, and creamy, ivory colour.


With its unique fla­vor rem­i­nis­cent of Nor­mandy cows graz­ing under the gen­tle sun and humid­i­ty of the Cal­va­dos region, Pont L’eveque cheese has a gold­en yel­low-orange rind cov­ered with a light, pow­dery white down. The tex­ture is very sup­ple and creamy and small scat­ter­ings of eyes through­out. Its taste is rich and creamy with sub­tle under­tones of hazel­nuts and fruits.


Tra­di­tion­al­ly a dessert cheese, Pont L’eveque is best served at the end of a meal, with a fresh, crusty baguette or crisp apples and pears. If part of a cheese plat­ter, this cheese com­ple­ments well with a soft cheese like Livarot. For drink pair­ings, a robust red wine such as a Bor­deaux goes well with the strong flavours of this cheese. If you’d pre­fer a more toned down bou­quet, a flow­ery rosé or ries­ling is also deli­cious served with this cheese. For those who love pints more than glass­es, this cheese serves beau­ti­ful­ly with a cold pint of craft beer. Cheers!

A Time-Hon­oured Tes­ta­ment to the Bishops

Pont L’eveque takes its name­sake from the vil­lage of L’eveque, sit­u­at­ed between Lisieux and Granville in Nor­mandy from where this cul­tur­al cheese is made.

Trans­lat­ed as Bishop’s Bridge,” Pont L’eveque was orig­i­nal­ly a monastery cheese with pro­duc­tion being traced back to the 12th cen­tu­ry. It is said that the first cheese­mak­ers were bish­ops and Cis­ter­cian monks, served as a dessert at the best tables of Nor­mandy. Pont L’eveque is the old­est French cheese still in production.

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge.

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